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E. Patrick Johnson Talks Turning ‘Sweet Tea’ from Book to Stage to Film

By Joe Giovannetti E. Patrick Johnson is the Chair of the Department of African-American Studies and Carlos Montezuma Professor of African American Studies and Performance Studies in the Weinberg College of Arts and Science at Northwestern University. Try and say that five times fast! However, even bigger than E. Patrick Johnson’s title is his infectious

Ellen Wartella Talks Children’s Media Research with MSLCE Students

By John Hounihan In studying entertainment, many MSLCE students have seen the power that media can have in shaping young minds. Movies, television, and live performance are so often in front of modern youth, that we must make sure that we are cognizant of the types of media we create for children. Ellen Wartella, our

Kathleen Hudson Aspires to Bring Opera Back to Cultural Spotlight

By Miya Williams Kathleen Hudson originally wanted to be the star of an opera, but over the years her interest turned toward running the show. “I believe deeply in this particular art form,” she said. “I want to be on the ground floor of influencing the landscape of opera in America as it struggles to

Block Museum Hosts Conference About Socially Engaged Art

By Leslie Zhu The Mary and Leigh Block Museum in the Arts Circle at Northwestern is always my secret place to rest and learn in between my busy study schedule. I immerse myself a lot in their different exhibitions and screenings each quarter. I always see visitors other than students and faculty coming to the

Zoe Skehan Wants to Create Something That Lasts

By Miya Williams MSLCE student Zoe Skehan doesn’t want to be limited to one thing. The University of Redlands grad majored in art history and media studies and still maintains an interest in both fields. While her exact job title may still be unknown, she is certain of her end goal. “I hope to be

Steppenwolf Producer and Jellyvision Manager Advise MSLCE Students on Internships

By Joe GiovannettiOn Monday, the MSLCE cohort entered their regular Professional Development class, taught by Mandi Glowen and Jonah Zeiger. However, rather than the usual lecture-format class, Glowen and Zeiger prepared an exciting panel with various guests in Chicago’s creative industries: Rebecca Adelsheim, a producer and dramaturg at Steppenwolf Theater Company, and Pat Niday, an implementation manager at

Jim Bland, Constance Bowen Discuss ‘the Language of Business’ in MSLCE Finance Class

By John Hounihan Accounting and finance have long been defined as “the language of business.” No matter the sector, accounting, finance, and investing are sure to come up in the operation of organizations. During the winter quarter in the MSLCE core class Introduction to Creative Enterprise, guest speaker Jim Bland elaborated on this adage, stating that