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Zoe Skehan Wants to Create Something That Lasts

By Miya Williams

MSLCE student Zoe Skehan doesn’t want to be limited to one thing.

The University of Redlands grad majored in art history and media studies and still maintains an interest in both fields. While her exact job title may still be unknown, she is certain of her end goal.

“I hope to be in a creative field working in a position that challenges me,” she said.

Skehan wrote her senior thesis on the set design and production of the TV shows Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This experience was the catalyst to one of her career aims: “I’m interested in working with a low budget and creating something lasting .”

After graduation, Skehan made use of her art history degree. She managed the Heavenston Art Gallery in Evanston and interned at Fulton Market Gallery in downtown Chicago. Although she is interested in museums and art, her previous jobs were not fulfilling.

“I was drawing from some aspects [of my degrees] but it wasn’t in the capacity that I was interested in.”

After working in the arts, Skehan left the industry to become a flight attendant.

“I have experienced jobs where the only reward is a paycheck,” she shared. “I want more than that for my career and life.”

Currently, Skehan is working with a friend who runs a music hostel. From this, she has developed an interest in the nonprofit arts and the positive effects they can have on communities. She notes that this side of the creative arts “is very different but no less important.”

Yet, Skehan has not abandoned her desire to work on low budget but high concept TV shows. She explained, “I think that it’s a challenge and when it’s done correctly it can be beautiful and amazing.” She added, “If you have a good concept, set design shouldn’t stop that concept.”

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