Professional Development

Professional Development Course

Effective leaders of creative enterprises don’t just have superb management skills, they also have a vast network of connections with people across organizations that can help them source ideas, acquire resources, sell concepts, and promote their work.

The M.S. in Leadership for Creative Enterprises is designed to help you develop these connections. We don’t just think it’s something you should do, we know it is something you must do. We help you accomplish this goal through multiple forms of experiential learning:

MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program students on spring trek to Los AngelesIndustry Immersion

We take you (yes, we really go there in person!) to visit media and arts organizations where you meet with people who can tell you how the industry functions, the current trends and challenges they face, and the knowledge and skills you will need to acquire in order to be successful.

  • Annual Trek to Media Capital
  • Monthly Site Visits in Chicago area

MS in Leadersip for Creative Enterprises program brings industry professionals in to speak with students.Speaker Series

Each month we bring in distinguished professionals in creative enterprises to share their career path, experience as a leader, and give advice to students interested in working in that sector.

MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises students complete internships within the creative sector.Creative Industry Internships

While enrolled in the program, we help students identify and apply for internships in the creative sector. Through the internship experience you will develop connections with people who will not only help you implement your learning, but who will also help you develop a network of connections that will help you launch your career. Students have access to the resources of EPICS and NCA for their search.


External Programs, Internships, and Career Services (EPICS) Office
The MSLCE program has a dedicated advisor from the School of Communications’ Office of External Programs, Internships, and Career Services (EPICS) to assist in the development of students’ professional documents and to provide guidance during their internship and job searches. Students have access not only to professional development programs designed specifically for the MSLCE program, but also to those that EPICS organizes for the SoC, such as career workshops, company information sessions, and leadership journeys. Students also have access to the SoC’s career management system, a database that allows students to search for and apply to SoC-specific internships, practicum opportunities, full-time jobs, and freelance jobs. To learn more about EPICS, visit their website.

Visit the EPICS website>>

Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA)
Northwestern Career Advancement offers free career counseling catered specifically to graduate students. Career counseling is a confidential and supportive process through which you and your counselor work together to explore career options and make career decisions and can include discussing your strengths, areas of growth, and challenges. You will work at your own pace, on the parts of the career planning process appropriate to your needs. Students also have access to CareerCat, Northwestern’s central job/internship database, as well as the many job and internship fairs held throughout the year.

Visit the NCA website>>