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MSLCE Student Wants To Make TV, Movies for Chinese and American Audiences

By Miya Williams Xiaoyu Dong aspires to be an international television and film producer. The Qingdao, China native dreams of one day having her own multinational media company. “I hope to integrate Asian cultures into American television and movies and to make Chinese films and television series more universal,” she said.

MSLCE Student Hopes to Design Mobile Games for the Future

By Miya WIlliams Yuan Tian hopes to have his own company designing mobile games, but he is not a novice to the industry. Two years ago, the current MSLCE student started Yuyi Tech, a mobile game company that was very successful and eventually sold to one of the biggest tech companies in China. His ultimate

From NASA to MSLCE, Northwestern Professor Teaches Team Dynamics

By Scotty Stieber Creative minds typically house bold, novel and elaborate ideas, but can brainstorming lead to the production of dull and unoriginal ideas, even in a group of creative people? Leslie DeChurch certainly believes so, and she has the research to back it up. Coming from the Georgia Institute of Technology as a Professor

MSCLE Students Look Inward in Innovative, Unconventional Pitching Course

By Joe Giovannetti “We are all creative, resourceful, and whole.” Laverne McKinnon, Adjunct Lecturer and Head of Television at Denver and Delilah, shared this sentiment as members of the MSLCE cohort completed their first graduate class, “Pitching Creative Projects.” On their first day, these students quickly learned that that this was no ordinary graduate course.

MSLCE Student Aspires to Head a Theatre Company

By Miya Williams Claire Conard was hooked on theater after her first performance in the musical Annie while in middle school. “I was always interested in being the center of attention,” she revealed. While she has been in many shows over the years, her interests have now shifted from being on stage to being behind

Facebook Brand Strategy Lead to Speak at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson Long before Chris Meador took a job at Facebook, he thought about pursuing a career in acting. He majored in theatre at Northwestern, but then, as he explains with a deadpan delivery, “I realized I  wanted health insurance.” Meador, who now works as Facebook’s Brand Strategy Lead, will appear at MSLCE’s next

Havas Chicago Executive Producer Talks Marketing at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson During his introduction of Brigette Whisnant at last week’s speaker series event, Kellogg professor Rick Kolsky said, “I think my job is fun, but she gets to do some really cool stuff.” As an executive producer at Havas Chicago, Whisnant oversees the content production work for a couple of well-known clients like

MSLCE Student Aspires to Own a Media Company

By Miya Williams Robin Zhou wants to be “a media guy.” The MSLCE student dreams of being an entrepreneur and owning a media and creative company where he can combine his interests in media and public policy. “There’s no need to only focus on one field,” he shared. Zhou’s parents work in public policy and

MSLCE Student Aspires to Teach Art Classes to Children, Parents

By Miya Williams Kelsey Wright is eager to go to school in her own backyard and then remain in Chicago after graduation from the MSCLE program. The Windy City native dreams of teaching art classes and hopes Northwestern will give her the tools necessary to “put [her] dream into action.”

MSLCE Students Attend Industry Days at the Chicago International Film Festival

By Lauren Vernea The Chicago International Film Festival took place Oct. 20-23 in Downtown Chicago. MSLCE students had the opportunity to attend the festival’s Industry Days, special events and presentations designed to highlight the inner workings of the film industry for students and guests. The panels we attended were intimate and diverse. Two panels in