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Adam Sachs Talks the Evolution of Podcasts at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson The podcast market has changed rapidly over the last few years, and Adam Sachs has been on the ground floor of that evolution. “A few years ago, when we wanted to make a new podcast we’d find one or two people to chit chat and banter and hopefully it’d be entertaining,” he

MSLCE Student Wants to Bridge Creativity and Technology

By Miya Williams Avielle Suria is not sure if she wants to work for a nonprofit or a software company, but she is certain of one thing: she wants to “think creatively in whatever career path [she ends] up pursuing.” Suria currently works part-time as an administrative coordinator for the Center for Independent Futures, which

MSLCE Student Finds Happiness Through Design

By Miya Williams Gaoyuan Huang wants to make his drawing “more spectacular.” The Fudan University, Shanghai grad has been drawing since his youth, in part due to the influence from his mother who is an art teacher. Now, he wants to take his skills to the next level by learning how to do special effects

MSLCE Students Challenged to Collaborate in Teamwork Seminar

By Joe Giovannetti Just one day after orientation, 35 eager students arrived on campus for their first full-day professional seminar.  None expected the diverse challenges that the day would bring. On Oct. 2, Gail Berger, Assistant Professor of Instruction from the McCormick School of Engineering, led the MSLCE cohort in a Professional Teamwork Seminar. The workshop was designed

MSLCE Student Wants to Make Nonfiction Work in Different Forms

By Jacob Nelson Luis Perez is interested in nonfiction, but he’s open to the format. “I really want to start a company or work for a company that focuses on nonfiction work in multiple mediums,” he said. The MSLCE student has learned from experience that nonfiction storytelling can take many forms. He’s worked for WBEZ,

MSLCE Student Plays to the Tune of Her Own Trumpet

By Miya WIlliams Samara Desrochers was born into a musical family. The Canadian native has a lot of kin who play instruments, including her grandfather who played the trumpet. Desrochers started playing trumpet herself when she was only eight years old, but now she is interested in what happens off stage. “I spent a lot

MSLCE Student Hopes to Run a Creative Studio for Children

By Jacob Nelson Ashwathi Iyer takes theatre seriously, but when it comes to her pursuit of a theatre career, she’s more than willing to let loose a joke or two. Asked who would play her in the movie about her life, she responded, “I’d play me!” The reason? “I can tell my parents how spending

Former Midroll Media CEO to Speak at Northwestern

By Miya Williams Adam Sachs believes in taking risks. While some may view large entertainment companies as a source of stability, he contends that the inverse is true. “There is so much innovation happening that, to me, there are a lot of reasons to be on the side of disruption and innovation,” he said.