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Dan Heck Leads MSLCE Students in Project Management Workshop

By Natalie Agbele Project management is a field increasingly used in all kinds of businesses. As aspiring leaders, it is important to gain the necessary skills needed to manage projects and teams. “Every project has to attempt a scope, schedule, and resources,” said Dan Heck, a certified Project Management Professional who led the first MSLCE

MSLCE Students Learn How to Release a Film from Chicago’s Music Box Films

By Natalie Agbele Ever heard of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Have you ever wondered who made it possible for the film to go to theater screens, as well as other foreign films like Ida, and the award-winning Monsieur Lahzhar? Music Box Films made that happen, and MSLCE students were given the opportunity to visit

MSLCE Student Dreams of a Career in Hollywood

By Miya Williams Alexander Fah Sang dreams of working for a Hollywood studio or heading his own. The Northwestern alum studied history and business institutions as an undergrad but has always had a love for film. “I loved seeing movies when I was younger,” he said. “Film is my favorite art form.”

Northwestern Professor Teaches Environmental Sustainability with Games

By Joe Giovannetti“How do people learn?” Michael Horn, Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science at Northwestern University, posed this question when he spoke with the MSLCE cohort last week about Green Home Games: a company that aims to raise awareness about environmental sustainability through gaming.

MSLCE Student Hopes to Fuse Food and Art

By Miya Williams Reavens Lee’s dream job is to own a design and media company that focuses on culinary art. “Food has always been my core spirit,” she said. “I want to work with it creatively and make it my career.” Lee’s first love was art. In junior high she enjoyed anime, and began drawing

Havas Chicago Executive Producer to Speak at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson Brigette Whisnant got into marketing to help people connect with brands. After two decades, the approach may look a little different, but the goal is exactly the same. “For me it was just about, ‘How do you make people engage with brands?’” Whisnant said about what first appealed to her about marketing.

MSLCE Student Hopes to Pivot from Theater Teacher to Administrator

By Jacob Nelson Joe Giovannetti has known he wanted to pursue a career in theater since high school. Not as a student, but as a teacher. Giovannetti was the director of choral activities at Arlington Heights High School. “I taught choir and theater at the high school level, and so what interested me is that