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At Collaboraction Theatre, MSLCE Student John Hounihan Sees the Intersection of Arts and Administration Firsthand

By John Hounihan Collaboraction Theatre is a mid-size theatre in Wicker Park with a unique take on art and politics: Collaboraction inspires social change through original devised theatre and community engagement that cultivates knowledge, dialogue, and action around Chicago’s most critical social issues. Collaboraction Theatre, along with the for hire and studio space arms of

A Look at Entrepreneurship with Gregg Latterman

By Jacob Nelson Today, we spotlight Gregg Latterman, an MSLCE Adjunct Lecturer, and the Program Lead of Zell Fellows. Latterman’s had an incredibly successful career in arts entrepreneurship, which he drew on during our interview to share advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. What is the most important skill for an aspiring entrepreneur? The most important thing

MSLCE Students Tackle Teamwork During Collaboration Workshop

By John Hounihan When we think of collaborations in the arts, we often think of artistic meetups – two musicians creating a record together or great stage actors tackling a big name play. In reality, though, collaboration in the arts come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. On the administrative leadership side, collaboration

MSLCE Student Leslie Zhu Begins Summer Internship at MCA

By Leslie Zhu The first thing I did after I moved to the Chicago area was to find a contemporary art museum in the city. I still cannot come up with a concrete answer to why I am so enchanted by them. I grew up in a family with no one related to art, and

MSLCE Student Paige Lester Begins Internship at Turnaround Arts

By Paige Lester Greetings from our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.! I am thrilled to be spending my summer here interning with Turnaround Arts, a program of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. At its core, Turnaround Arts focuses on school reform; they are currently in partnership with approximately 70 public schools across

MSLCE Student Joe Giovannetti Begins Summer Internship at La Jolla Playhouse

By Joe Giovannetti The La Jolla Playhouse is a regional theatre just north of San Diego, California, with an ambitious mission: “La Jolla Playhouse advances theatre as an art form and as a vital social, moral and political platform by providing unfettered creative opportunities for the leading artists of today and tomorrow. With our youthful spirit

MSLCE Course Puts Globalization in Sociological Perspective

By Leslie Zhu Growing up, “globalization” meant a geography class with an international focus. But as an international student studying in the U.S., globalization has morphed into the process by which I submerge myself into this diverse country. So what is globalization, really? Through the MSLCE Culture and Globalization course, I found the answer comprises

MSLCE Students Work with Transcultural Exchange in Nonprofit Organization Course

By Leslie Zhu “I really like that we can work on a project that is associated with a real nonprofit organization”, said Joe Giovenetti during the last meeting of our Cultural Nonprofit Organizations course. Most students feel the same way. This course was distinct from our other classes. Our assignment came from an actual client,

Gail Berger Pushes MSLCE Students to Create Their Own Visions for Leadership

By Joe Giovannetti “What makes a great leader?”The students of the MSLCE 2016-2017 cohort pondered this question on the first day of their spring semester elective, “Leading Creative Teams.” Many of the students were excited to enroll in this class, after first meeting Gail Berger in the fall for a Professional Teamwork Seminar. Now, in that