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Susan Carver Leads Cultural Intelligence Seminar

By Joe Giovannetti Caring, Confidentiality, Candor, Commitment, and Compassion. These are the 5 C’s that Susan Carver established during the MSLCE cohort’s first day-long seminar of the spring quarter: Cultural Intelligence and Managing Inclusion. Throughout the day, Carver would help move the students through activities that focused on the topics of assumptions, oppression, privilege, and

Emmy-Nominated Writer and Producer Speaks at Northwestern

By Lauren Vernea During a recent EPICS Speaker Series, Northwestern alum Gregg Mettler visited campus to speak to students about his career and experiences in the entertainment industry. Mettler is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer and producer based in LA. After graduating from Northwestern in 1994, he broke into the business as a staff writer on

MSLCE Students Meet with Tony-Winning Broadway Producers on NY Trek

By Joe Giovannetti After a rousing first two days in the Big Apple, the students of the MSLCE cohort woke up energized and ready to see what the second half of the NYC immersion trek would bring. They didn’t have to go far, as three interesting guests would visit them in the hotel that morning.

Faculty Spotlight: Cory Sandrock on the Financial Side of the Creative Sector

Cory Sandrock, who teaches the Business of the Creative Sector, knows a lot about both finance and the arts. He is a Theatre graduate from Northwestern’s School of Communication and holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has extensive experience in capital markets, strategic planning, financial analyses, commercial real estate,

Sabrina Wang’s Dream Job Combines Museums and Marketing

By Jacob Nelson Sabrina Wang has a very specific goal while enrolled as a student in the MSLCE program: she wants to bring her love of museums and marketing together for her dream job. While studying communications and east Asian studies at the University of Southern California, Wang interned at both the campus’ Fisher Museum

Mary Sherman Talks Arts Nonprofit Management at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson In November 2015, Mary Sherman was working on a presentation that explored the importance of art. Specifically, it was about the importance of her art nonprofit, TransCultural Exchange, an annual conference that brings together artists from across the globe. She originally planned to argue its importance based on the significance of its

MSLCE Students Explore the Los Angeles Film and TV Industry

By Lauren Vernea During spring break, the MSLCE cohort made the journey to Hollywood. While in Los Angeles, students met with Northwestern alumni and Hollywood executives who are currently working at companies such as Disney Motion Pictures, FOX Searchlight, FX Networks, Universal Pictures/Secret Hideout, HBO, MACRO Ventures, Scott Free Productions, Partizan Entertainment, Film Independent, and more.

MSLCE Media Markets Class Gives Students Unique Perspective of Digital Media

By Chip Potter The unprecedented growth of the digital media marketplace may seem daunting to many entrepreneurs trying to break into the world of the creative industries, but as we learned in Professor James Webster’s class, Understanding Media Markets, it actually provides tremendous opportunity. Understanding “Big Data” is absolutely crucial to sustained success in marketing,

MSLCE Students Learn About Film, TV Industries on Trek to Los Angeles

By Leslie Zhu During spring break, half of the MSLCE cohort went on a journey to Los Angeles, the center of the nation’s film and television industry. The expansiveness of both the city and its industry are so real and mind-blowing. If New York is a machine for finance, commerce and art, Los Angeles, is