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Kellogg School of Management Faculty David Schonthal and Gregg Latterman Lead Entrepreneurship Workshop for MSLCE Students

By Chad HewittAs emerging leaders in their respective fields, students in this year’s MSLCE cohort have a surplus of innovative ideas for new projects and enterprises in the creative industries.In fact, the winter term’s classes have a significant focus on the work involved in planning for a new business venture, both financially and strategically. The

Claire Rice Encourages Students to Stand Up for Creativity

By Tate GloverWhat comes to mind when you think about the word advocacy? This is the challenge that Claire Rice, Executive Director of Arts Alliance Illinois, opened with during her visit to MSLCE’s Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy class this past Tuesday. Founded in 1982 to defend public funding for the arts, Arts Alliance Illinois

MSLCE Students Learn How to Ace an Interview with Amanda Schonfeld

By Charlie WeinSo, you submitted your cover letter and your resume, you waited anxiously, then you got the call, they want to interview you for the job! But how should you dress? What should you say? How do you make yourself stand out from everyone else? Students in the MSLCE program at Northwestern had the

MSLCE Students Learn the ‘Power of Pitching’ in Laverne McKinnon’s Course

By Dominique WarrenFrom the first day of The Power of Pitching class, Professor Laverne McKinnon challenged MSLCE students to rethink “pitching” as a match to be made, not a prize to be won. Ultimately, students learned that the most important element of a pitch is the person delivering it. People invest in other people first, then

MSLCE Students Learn Numbers and Science in Ágnes Horvát’s Culture and Arts Analytics Course

By Minda CervaMSCLE students in Ágnes Horvát‘s Culture and Arts Analytics class spent this fall quarter with numbers and science. “Big data” has become a ubiquitous buzz phrase, but the course proved that it has the potential to predict market trends for creative products. Horvat is an assistant professor who works at the Northwestern Institute on Complex

MSLCE Students Analyze ‘The Lion King’ and Michelin Star Restaurants in Organizational Processes Course

By Nick RomanDisney, Lululemon, Yahoo, and Michelin star restaurants all offer products familiar to most of today’s consumers, but MSLCE students got an even closer look into these well-known brands this fall through Pablo Boczkowski’s Organizational Processes course.Students examined the structure and function of various companies through three lenses: the strategic design, political, and cultural.

Rick Morris Prepares MSLCE Students for Legal Challenges in Creative Industries

By Minda Cerva“Superman” sued “The Greatest American Hero.” “Jaws” sued “Great White.” “Star Wars” sued “Battlestar Gallactica.” Hallmark sued Maya Angelou. Each of these complicated lawsuits were brought to court, some with merit while others were found to be without. But the topics, though nuanced, were consistent. The issues typically involved either a charge of copyright

Northwestern Lecturer Brett Neveu Discusses His Writing Career with MSLCE Students

By Dominique warrenBrett Neveu has been writing plays since he was 15, and currently finds himself between the “I can’t believe I’m doing this still” and “satisfaction” phase. During a faculty talk with MSLCE students, Neveu reflected on finishing the draft of his latest production, Traitor. The playwright and teacher of Northwestern University’s Radio, Television,

Designer and Innovation Consultant Amy Guterman Leads Project Management Workshop for MSLCE Students

By Nick RomanMSLCE students arrive at Northwestern with substantial professional experience, which typically includes project management. In reflecting on experiences in the field, MSLCE students discovered that while end results of their projects were positive, the process leading up to them proved to be more difficult. To breakdown project management, MSLCE students recently attended a workshop