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Sabrina Wang’s Dream Job Combines Museums and Marketing

By Jacob Nelson

Sabrina Wang has a very specific goal while enrolled as a student in the MSLCE program: she wants to bring her love of museums and marketing together for her dream job.

While studying communications and east Asian studies at the University of Southern California, Wang interned at both the campus’ Fisher Museum of Art as as well as at Los Angeles Magazine, where she focused on marketing. She also did event planning for the USC Pacific Asia Museum, amongst her other responsibilities like writing scripts for tours and engaging with the museum’s audience as a docent.

“I’ve always been interested in art,” Wang said. “I’m a huge museum goer … and that’s why I’m interested in working there.”

The reason Wang hopes to do marketing and event planning within the museum industry is because it’s a skill set she enjoys and can be really effective in getting new audiences to enjoy museums the way that she does.

“It’s about creating a space for audiences to communicate,” Wang said. “I think that’s really fun.”

Wang is originally from Xiamen, China, where she says museum going is not a typical family outing the way it is in the U.S. She would like to change that.

“Creating interesting events for museum audiences could be an effective way to promote the arts,” she said.

Unsurprisingly, one of Wang’s favorite trips with her MSLCE cohort was to the Art Institute of Chicago, where she learned how the museum engages with and learns from its audience.

“They have to analyze their audience, when they come, when in a year they have the biggest audience, and that’s interesting,” Wang said. “Everytime I go to the Art Institute, they would ask my zip code so they could know where audience comes from. That’s a really smart trend for understanding the audience.”

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