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MSLCE Student Aspires to Teach Art Classes to Children, Parents

By Miya Williams

Kelsey Wright is eager to go to school in her own backyard and then remain in Chicago after graduation from the MSCLE program. The Windy City native dreams of teaching art classes and hopes Northwestern will give her the tools necessary to “put [her] dream into action.”

Wright liked drawing as a kid and took an interest in her art history classes in grade school. She later studied art and entrepreneurship while an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and volunteered with the Madison Children’s Museum and the Madison Children’s Library while there.

Her college volunteerism was an extension of the volunteer work that she began with The Art Institute in her hometown while in high school. Wright has now worked with the institute for seven years and currently serves as a contractor. She hopes to continue working with the institute while completing the MSCLE program.

Through her past experiences, Wright developed the goal of making art more accessible. She ultimately wants to own her own space and offer art classes to children and their parents but in a “smaller and more intimate” setting, as opposed to large museum spaces.

The lover of photography and drawing wants to teach all types of art. The classes would assist kids and parents with problem solving and creative expression.

“With different media you can solve different problems,” she said.

Wright doesn’t have a preference for the age of her students, as she believes that kids are fun to teach at all ages.

“I really like that kids have this uninhibited excitement and curiosity,” she said.

She also enjoys seeing parents work with their children. “I really like the family aspect that plays into it,” she stated.

Wright hopes to have her own space in Chicago and eventually add a mobile component. She is looking forward to meeting her MSLCE peers with similar creative ambitions and establishing connections.

“I’ve loved talking to everyone involved in the program,” she shared. “I can’t wait to get to know everyone!”

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