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Honing Teamwork and Leadership Skills On and Off the Field

When he was only 14, Ugochukwu Achara ’24 moved from his home country of Nigeria to the United States with two goals in mind: to accelerate his education and to play soccer. He attended private school for a year before finishing his high school diploma at Berkshire School in Massachusetts. From there, he came to

Summertime Chi Roundup: The Best Events in Chicago this Season!

High on the extensive list of reasons why summer in Chicago is the best is the urgency with which Chicagoans go outside. There’s so much to do and so many people craving the sun that the city feels uniquely alive and present. To help prepare for the season, we’ve curated a master list of the

Life After Dance: Finding a New Stage in the Creative Industry

Being on stage in Brazil is where Isabel Lima ’24 wanted to be most as a child. Landing her first musical theater role when she was only eight years old led her to seek out any creative classes that put her in the spotlight: dancing, acting, singing.  As a preteen, she even starred in two

From Law to the Arts: Finding New Ways to Shape Communities

Rashida Anderson-Abdullah ’24, who now goes by HP Sherie (The Headbanging Princess) to symbolize her transition from politics and journalism to music and entertainment, grew up in a family that bonded through music, often watching awards shows together on television. Through those experiences, plus her fascination with a handful of rock and heartthrob bands during

Exploring AI in the Creative Industries: Tension vs. a Point of Advancement

Professor of Instruction Rick Morris remembers the rise of cable television, the transition from analog to digital signals, and the first high-definition (HD) TVs, which sold for thousands of dollars. Working for brands like NBC, Telemundo Chicago, and Disney ABC, he helped automate media plants, supervise productions, manage millions of dollars in technology development, and

Crafting a Career in Communication through Passion and Purpose

As a student majoring in communication at the University of Ottawa, Longhao Li ’25 quickly developed a passion for advanced film and sound techniques. As he worked closely with a professor, he learned even more about video and animation.  One of his first film projects involved interviewing First Nations people to create a short documentary

Using Business Tactics to Create Deep Entertainment Experiences

Graduate school was never part of the plan for Kay Cui ’24. She did well in classes like math, history, and English, but she didn’t want to study those subjects in depth. Instead, she preferred immersing herself in the world of entertainment and spent much of her childhood playing piano, flute, oboe, and cello. Her

Learning to Launch and Operate a Creative Enterprise of Her Own

Elementary-school performances of established works on piano and in theater gave Samantha Westlake-Hart ’25 her first exposure to creative arts. Just a few years later, in high school, she realized she enjoyed behind-the-stage experiences just as much as being in the spotlight.  

Bringing a New Level of Representation to the Arts

Dubbed the Hollywood of the South, Atlanta has a thriving arts and music scene. As James Young ’24 grew up there, he was surrounded by opportunities to participate in theater, music, and film.   His mentor, Cheryl Cardwell, taught him voice and piano. As she got to know his talents, she encouraged him to pursue acting,

A Love of Content Leads to Working in the World of Entertainment

Though her interest in entertainment began as a young child on the amateur stages of Los Angeles, it didn’t take long for Evan Pearl ’21 to start wondering: What goes on behind the camera—and behind the curtain?  As she prepared for college, Pearl knew she wanted to work in entertainment, but she didn’t know what