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NuVention Arts: MSLCE Students Learn What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

By Poorvi Nair Ensemble: bringing concerts to your homeCreative Connect: Providing a platform for upcoming talentThe Seen: An App that lets you see all the events happening around you, and who’s going to itThese were a few of the amazing start-up ideas that came out of the NuVention: Arts course this past Spring Quarter. Taught by the

MSLCE Students Measure Public Engagement at The Block Museum of Art

In preparing for the professional world of creative enterprises, MSLCE students constantly take into account the challenges that creative organizations face-such as low attendance figures and box office sales. To develop keen awareness to these trends and strategize ways to increase engagement, Dr. Jennifer Novak-Leonard’s engagement with Public Culture course gave students hands-on experience in

Madhuvanti Ghose Shares About Curation at the Chicago Art Institute

By Tate GloverFor our Marketing Class, Professor Rick Kolsky invited Madhuvanti Ghose, the curator of the Alsdorf Galleries of the Chicago Art Institute. Ghose gave us a brief history of the Alsdorf wing, explaining how the architectural design was intended to make the space primarily into a passage between the new building and the old

Professor Elizabeth Gerber Shares Exciting Projects and Gives Advice on Finding a Mentor

By Tate GloverElizabeth Gerber is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering and the faculty founder of Design for America. Her interests and areas of study often intersect multiple disciplines and bring into sharper focus the role of technology and design in the modern era. Gerber came to speak with

MSLCE Students Get Deeper Understanding of Digital Audience Creation

By Poorvi NairEver wanted to know how many people visit the top social media sites in the world? Or how much time each person spends on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and what demographics are visiting these sites?This winter quarter, many students took Understanding Media Markets: Users, Makers, Metrics, which explored the metrics side of the

Place Lab Tour Teaches Students the Impact of Community Building Through the Arts

By Tate GloverFor our final winter quarter Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy class meeting, Dr. Jennifer Novak-Leonard set up a visit to Washington Park to see the work being done by Place Lab and Theaster Gates. Place Lab is an initiative developed by collaboration within the University of Chicago and led by professor and renowned

MSLCE Students Learn How to Turn a Good Business Into a Great One

By: Charlie WeinSo, you have an innovative idea,  strong networking, financial stability, and  brand recognition; you’ve got a good business, which is…good, but how do make it great? Students in the Leadership for the Creative Enterprises program spent winter term with professor Cory Sandrock figuring out how to take a good business and make it

Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy Class Helps Students See the Big Picture

By Tate GloverHow do we talk about the value of the arts?This was one of the key questions we set out to answer in Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy taught by Dr. Jennifer Novak-Leonard. In the class we spoke at length about the different ways that the arts are supported by government at national, state,