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Design on a Deadline – Lessons in Project Management from First Stage Design Supervisor Brandon Kirkham

By Zach Hyman Students in Professor Dan Heck’s Project Management class heard this past Tuesday from Brandon Kirkham, the Design Supervisor and Costume Crafts Artisan for nationally-acclaimed children’s theater First Stage. “Every single thing I do is a mix of the creative and problem solving,” Kirkham said, describing the balance between managing a team of

MSLCE Students Pitch Business Proposals to Experienced Entrepreneurs

By Amy A. Ross Writing up a project for a class is one thing; pitching a convincing business proposal to a panel of experts is a completely different challenge. Students from the NUvation: Arts course were able to recreate this real-world experience during their final presentations at the beginning of June. The eight proposals included

Syndio CEO Applies Social Network Analysis to the Music Industry

By Amy A. Ross Before he had even graduated from college, Northwestern University alum, Zack Johnson, was already cracking the social-media code. Applying network science to the creative industries, Johnson was helping upcoming music pop and hip-hop artists like Mike Posner and Big Sean rapidly grow their fan bases. How?

Record Label Exec Teaches Students the Benefits of Digital Disruption

By Jacob Nelson Gregg Latterman wants to teach his students to be as excited about digital disruption as he is. The music industry veteran founded Aware Records in 1993, an early adopter of the Internet that eventually entered into an agreement with Columbia Records to combine major label backing with grassroots artist development. The combination

Television Head Teaches Students to Present with Intention

By Jacob Nelson Laverne McKinnon is perhaps one of the only television producers out there who doesn’t believe in pitching. “I believe in finding the right match.” A graduate from Northwestern’s RTVF program with an MBA from Pepperdine University, McKinnon works as a senior programming executive, independent producer, and media consultant. Her day-to-day tasks include