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Category: Guest Speakers

Greg Cameron to Speak Nov. 30 at MSLCE Speaker Series Event

By Jacob NelsonBefore becoming the executive director of the Joffrey Ballet, Greg Cameron worked for a variety of museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA) and the Art Institute of Chicago.But before all that, he founded a different kind of museum… in his childhood basement.

Field Foundation President Angelique Power Discusses Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity at MSLCE Speaker Series Event

By Jacob NelsonDuring the most recent MSLCE Speaker Series event, Field Foundation President Angelique Power asked the audience to define the terms “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity.” When the attendees struggled to respond, she asked them to imagine they owned a restaurant.“Diversity is like keeping your restaurant completely the same and inviting a few people different

Next MSLCE Speaker Series Event: Field Foundation President Angelique Power

By Jacob NelsonOn paper, Angelique Power’s career seems like a natural ascension from nonprofit management positions to her current role as President of the Field Foundation. The reality is more complicated.“I fell into my career, like many of us do,” Power said during a recent interview.Power, who will be discussing her professional trajectory at the

Daniella Smith Aspires To Bring Young Audiences to Opera

By Jacob NelsonDaniella Smith fell in love with opera when she realized she excelled at singing it.The new MSLCE student and Seattle native originally began her artistic career in musical theatre, before realizing that her voice was better suited for classical.“As I watched more opera, I really fell in love with it,” Smith said during

CBS TV Studio VP to Speak at First 2017-2018 MSLCE Speaker Series Event

By Jacob NelsonBefore Rob Luchow worked in television, he watched it. Lots of it.“This was the common routine in my house growing up: At 6 o’clock, my family would put on local news and start cooking dinner. At 6:30, Tom Brokaw. 7 was Jeopardy, and 7:30 was Wheel of Fortune,” Luchow said during an interview