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Category: Guest Speakers

Daniella Smith Aspires To Bring Young Audiences to Opera

By Jacob Nelson Daniella Smith fell in love with opera when she realized she excelled at singing it. The new MSLCE student and Seattle native originally began her artistic career in musical theatre, before realizing that her voice was better suited for classical. “As I watched more opera, I really fell in love with it,”

CBS TV Studio VP of Drama Development Describes Getting His First Break in Evanston

By Jacob Nelson Rob Luchow’s first break didn’t happen in Hollywood. It happened in Evanston. As the Vice President of Drama Development for CBS TV Studio explained during the first MSLCE Speaker Series event of the academic year, Luchow was a Northwestern undergraduate working as a waiter at a pizza place near campus when he

CBS TV Studio VP to Speak at First 2017-2018 MSLCE Speaker Series Event

By Jacob Nelson Before Rob Luchow worked in television, he watched it. Lots of it. “This was the common routine in my house growing up: At 6 o’clock, my family would put on local news and start cooking dinner. At 6:30, Tom Brokaw. 7 was Jeopardy, and 7:30 was Wheel of Fortune,” Luchow said during

Mary Sherman Talks Arts Nonprofit Management at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson In November 2015, Mary Sherman was working on a presentation that explored the importance of art. Specifically, it was about the importance of her art nonprofit, TransCultural Exchange, an annual conference that brings together artists from across the globe. She originally planned to argue its importance based on the significance of its

TransCultural Exchange Director Has Built a Career In and Out of the Studio

By Jacob Nelson Mary Sherman does not like the word “no.” The artist, teacher, writer, and director of the TransCultural Exchange has made a career out of pursuing opportunities out of curiosity, only to learn new skills in the process. “People say, ‘No, you can’t do that,’ and it makes me want to do it

IM Global SVP Describes His Hollywood Career at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson When Glendon Palmer graduated from Northwestern, he knew he wanted to work behind the scenes of either television or film. “Whichever took me first,” he explained. “Nowadays, the wall has fallen between those fields.” Palmer discussed his career, and his current role as the Senior Vice President of Development & Production at