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MSLCE Student Seeks Innovation in Storytelling + Solutions for Arts Organizations

By Priyanshi KatareLaura Rensing has an eclectic professional background. She’s held a wide range of jobs; from writing to publishing to theater, and while she can’t pinpoint exactly what turned her toward the creative industries, the through line for all her work has been her love for storytelling. “I like being able to tell stories through whatever medium I have,” she explained, “as I grew in my career, I learned to tell

Branding, Broadcasting, and Baseball: Notes from My Externship with the Chicago Cubs

by Thomas WallI first heard about the Northwestern Externship Program (NEXT) through the MSLCE newsletter this past December and my interest was definitely piqued. The program, which gives students the chance to shadow alumni for a day in various industries and sectors throughout the country was worth a shot, I figured. So when I saw

CBS TV Studio VP to Speak at First 2017-2018 MSLCE Speaker Series Event

By Jacob NelsonBefore Rob Luchow worked in television, he watched it. Lots of it.“This was the common routine in my house growing up: At 6 o’clock, my family would put on local news and start cooking dinner. At 6:30, Tom Brokaw. 7 was Jeopardy, and 7:30 was Wheel of Fortune,” Luchow said during an interview

‘Southside With Me’ Executive Producer to Speak at Northwestern

By Jacob NelsonBy all accounts, Glendon Palmer has “made it” in Hollywood.A Senior Vice President of Development & Production at the renowned entertainment company IM Global, Palmer has the stability that comes with an executive position in show business, along with the ability to oversee creatively satisfying box office successes like last year’s Southside With

Faculty Spotlight: School of Communication Assistant Professor Larissa Buchholz

Larissa Buchholz’ research engages with the dynamics of cultural production and reception in an increasingly globally interdependent and interconnected world. Her forthcoming book The Global Rules of Art. The Dual Emergence of a Cultural World Economy examines global transformations in the contemporary visual arts, and the different ways that artists become valued worldwide. The book

CAA Television Co-Head to Speak at Northwestern

By Jacob NelsonJeff “Jake” Jacobs has been an agent with Creative Artists Agency for nearly 30 years. Though the entertainment industry has changed considerably during that period, his responsibilities have remained largely the same.“You’re in the pursuit of representing talented storytellers,” Jacobs explained during a recent interviews. “When you’re an agent you want to be

Facebook Brand Strategy Lead to Speak at Northwestern

By Jacob NelsonLong before Chris Meador took a job at Facebook, he thought about pursuing a career in acting.He majored in theatre at Northwestern, but then, as he explains with a deadpan delivery, “I realized I  wanted health insurance.”Meador, who now works as Facebook’s Brand Strategy Lead, will appear at MSLCE’s next speaker series event,