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From the Runway to MSLCE: Kaitlyn Fogg Fashions Her Future

“If you ask my mom, I’ve always been into fashion,” says Kaitlyn Fogg, “It’s a really big part of my self-identity.” Her interest in the field started from the tender age of four and by the time she was in middle school, she was already making her own Halloween costumes. “I started this thing where every year I’d make my own Halloween costume out of unconventional materials,” she elaborates, “I’ve always wanted to do something that was different. Nobody’s going to think to mash CDs with a meat mallet and put it on a structure with bit of packing tape.” She wants to use fashion to create memorable experiences and something people could look back to for years to come. Her passion for this brought her to the Parsons School of Design where she got her BFA in Fashion Design.

After completing her degrees, she landed a string of jobs at large fashion houses such as Anna Sui, Jason Scott, and Sperry. “I was really immersed into all aspects of the fashion industry. I did everything from the actual making and researching of what goes into a collection to dictating what goes on the runway to who gets what on the runway,” she elaborates, “I did a photoshoot with Vogue with my one job and got a mention in the CFDA.” However, of all the pursuits she had within the industry, at the core of it was her need to learn, evolve, and educate. This eventually brought her to the MSLCE program.

“I was in high school when I discovered my love for the business side of things,” Kaitlyn mentions, “but I wanted to get a degree in fashion first. What was beneficial with this program was that I get to learn how a creative business works.” She aims to use her time here to foster connections that she can use to develop her own business. Her experiences at Northwestern will help her expand her community and help make the world of fashion a more connected space.

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By Priyanshi Katare