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Integrating Science and Art: A Look into Khushi Goenka’s Path to MSLCE

Khushi Goenka’s journey into the creative industries began with a production she got involved in while completing her engineering degree at Manipal Institute of Technology in India. From there she went on to work for Bosch but couldn’t shake the creative bug. During her time at Electron Combine, she asked to transfer from her technical position to the marketing department and learned that she enjoyed the work far more.

When the time came to take her next step into the creative industry, she knew that the MSLCE program was the best fit for her. “I bring a science and art perspective to this, which is different,” she explains, “Because, at the end of the day, all artists are like scientists. They all collect data and then present it in a way that is new.” The integration of science with art is at the heart of the value she believes she brings to the profession.

Khushi wants to use her time at Northwestern exposing herself to new elements of the creative industries while actively fostering the skills she has. One of her goals is to get involved in a student film production that can help cultivate her passion for storytelling. “I’m very drawn to storytelling, and I would love to explore that further. There’s an elective that’s offered by the theatre department that I hope to take next quarter. And I hope to be able to build something out of it of my own,” she says. She adds that all these experiences at Northwestern are critical to helping her break into creative production and direction.

As a professional, she has had limited exposure to the business aspect of the creative process, but that hasn’t stopped her from pushing to the limits to learn as much as she can as quickly as she can. While the trials and tribulations of trying to do everything and doing it perfectly have led her to forge her own path, MSLCE presents an interdisciplinary approach that allows her to bring her unique perspective into her pursuits.

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By Priyanshi Katare