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Kefei Zhao Hopes to Turn the Arts from Hobby to Profession

By Jacob NelsonWhen Kefei Zhao first realized she was drawn to the arts, she thought it might be a hobby rather than a professional pursuit.“I was really interested in creative stuff since I was really young,” the MSLCE student explained. She’s specifically attracted to artwork, shows, and film. “It was more like a hobby at

Once a Performer, Dana Degnan Aspires to Work Behind the Scenes

By Jacob NelsonWhile studying to be a performer as an undergraduate at Stephens College, Dana Degnan realized she enjoyed the business and “back-end” area of the arts more than what she was training to do onstage.“And that is how I ended up at Northwestern in the MSLCE program,” Degnan said.

Lin Yuan Aspires to Build a Career in Advertising

By Jacob NelsonLin Yuan first became interested in advertising as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois while taking a course fittingly called “Introduction to Advertising.”“All of my interest about creative industry started from that class,” Yuan said. “I enjoyed coming up with advertising strategies and creating advertisements.”

Adrian Alea Aspires to Tell Powerful, Musical Stories

By Jacob NelsonAdrian Alea first fell in love with the arts as a kid being driven around in his mother’s car, while the soundtracks to renowned musicals would play in the background. The MSLCE student remembers first hearing Man of La Mancha, Evita, Mamma Mia, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, and The Phantom of the

Block Museum Director Lisa Corrin Discusses Creativity with MSLCE Students

By Poorvi Nair“Do it deeper consistently: make the experience so meaningful it doesn’t matter about numbers. It’s about impact on a very finite group.”In an inspirational and engaging talk, Lisa Corrin, the Block Museum’s new Ellen Philips Katz director, shared with MSLCE students key insights about what it takes to be a successful CEO in

Chicago Shakespeare Theater Executive Director Criss Henderson Encourages MSLCE Students to Collaborate, Innovate During Speaker Series Event

By Jacob Nelson On Feb. 1, Criss Henderson acknowledged a unique quirk of his professional career to an audience of MSLCE students and other members of the Northwestern community: “I have one of the greatest jobs in American theater, but I have one of worst resumes.”By “worst” Henderson really means “shortest.” That’s because he’s held the

Kellogg School of Management Faculty David Schonthal and Gregg Latterman Lead Entrepreneurship Workshop for MSLCE Students

By Chad HewittAs emerging leaders in their respective fields, students in this year’s MSLCE cohort have a surplus of innovative ideas for new projects and enterprises in the creative industries.In fact, the winter term’s classes have a significant focus on the work involved in planning for a new business venture, both financially and strategically. The

Claire Rice Encourages Students to Stand Up for Creativity

By Tate GloverWhat comes to mind when you think about the word advocacy? This is the challenge that Claire Rice, Executive Director of Arts Alliance Illinois, opened with during her visit to MSLCE’s Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy class this past Tuesday. Founded in 1982 to defend public funding for the arts, Arts Alliance Illinois

MSLCE Students Visit Lyric Opera of Chicago

By Nick RomanHow many cultural institutions reap the benefits of 45,000 steps of foot traffic every day? Lyric Opera of Chicago is uniquely set apart from other opera and cultural institutions because of its location in the heart of downtown Chicago.MSLCE students got an exclusive look into the organization on a site visit with Lyric’s

MSLCE Students Take the Stage at the 3rd Annual MSLCE Talent Show

By Charlie WeinGrad school is a lot of work. Essays, group projects, and all manner of research. In between all the reading and writing, it’s important to take time in between to relax, get together with friends, and just maybe even…bust out an impromptu showtune!All this and more happened on a grand Tuesday night for