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Lin Yuan Aspires to Build a Career in Advertising

By Jacob Nelson

Lin Yuan first became interested in advertising as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois while taking a course fittingly called “Introduction to Advertising.”

“All of my interest about creative industry started from that class,” Yuan said. “I enjoyed coming up with advertising strategies and creating advertisements.”

A current MSLCE student, Yuan can trace her passion for advertising back to one of the first times she ventured into a shopping mall and found herself staring at the advertisements of different brands hanging in front of the each store. “I enjoy the process of helping a company increase their sales, increase their brand awareness, and become more successful,” she said. “Advertising can do all of those.”

Yuan has been working part-time for Crescent Cross-Culture Agency for the past year, during which time she has performed both account manager and media planner roles within the advertising department.

“I am a liaison between clients and the creative team, and I successfully lead some advertising projects,” Yuan explained.

Yuan enrolled in the MSLCE program to complement this valuable work experience with an education that will provide business knowledge towards the creative industries. Yuan hopes that when she graduates she can find a job as an account executive at a mid- to large-advertising agency.

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