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After Catching the Theatre Bug, Chad Hewitt Aspires to Manage a Theatre Company

By Jacob NelsonChad Hewitt is drawn to theatre more than other art forms for one simple reason: it’s one of the few remaining forms of creative expression that can only be enjoyed in person.“Theatre is the last artistic platform where you can’t use your phone or computer to experience it. You have to be present

MSLCE Students Get Professional Leads, Advice at Theatre Networking Event

By John HounihanAs winter quarter marches on, the MSLCE students have a lot on our minds. Perhaps nothing is more center than our search for internships. No matter our corner of the sector, we are deep into applications and interviews at organizations across the nation. On Feb. 6, our performing arts focused students got an incredible opportunity

MSLCE Student Hopes to Run a Creative Studio for Children

By Jacob NelsonAshwathi Iyer takes theatre seriously, but when it comes to her pursuit of a theatre career, she’s more than willing to let loose a joke or two.Asked who would play her in the movie about her life, she responded, “I’d play me!” The reason? “I can tell my parents how spending 6 years


By Kate Leggett Located in the heart of downtown, the Goodman Theatre has been a staple of Chicago theatre—and cultural life—for over 80 years now. The theatre has seen the world-premiers of dozens of playwrights, from David Mamet to Mary Zimmerman, and is committed to producing both classical and new work. The MSLCE program recently

MSLCE Students went behind the scenes at the Goodman Theatre

By Evyenia Constantine A group of students from Northwestern University attended the Goodman Theatre’s play Feathers and Teeth last Wednesday night, where they also had the opportunity to participate in a private Q&A with two of the big names behind the production. During the “Northwestern Night,” hosted by the theatre company, NU students received personal

Before Grad School, MSLCE Student Started a Production Company

By Jacob Nelson Daniel Dvorkin’s creative career started earlier than most. In 2008, he began a production company called Two Lights Theatre Company with Rebecca Leifman when the two were studying theatre at DePaul University in Chicago. Seven years later, Two Lights is still cranking out shows. “When we started it I never had an

Diversity and Variety Propel Chicago’s Goodman Theatre

By Amy Ross Many know it for its annual production of A Christmas Carol, but it is through diversity and variety of that the Goodman Theatre truly propels itself forward after almost 90 years of serving the Chicago theater scene. The largest and oldest non-for-profit theatre in the city, the Goodman combines a largely new

MSLCE Professor Talks About His Production of ‘Frankenstein’

By Jacob Nelson Cory Sandrock had some important advice for the cast of his theatrical production of Frankenstein, now playing at Asbury Hall in Elmhurst. “What I want is stunned silence,” Sandrock told his cast. He explained that, unlike comedy, where the cast gets a payoff in the form of a laugh at each funny line, it’s