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Category: Industry Immersion

MSLCE Students Learn the Importance of Networking on LA Trek

By Sarah Bergeson Over the course of five days in Los Angeles, my fellow MSLCE students and I had several amazing opportunities to learn about various media industries by speaking to professionals from film/television, music, and talent agencies. We began our trip by meeting with several Northwestern alumni, led by Marvel Animation Manager Diana Theobald and


By Kate Leggett Located in the heart of downtown, the Goodman Theatre has been a staple of Chicago theatre—and cultural life—for over 80 years now. The theatre has seen the world-premiers of dozens of playwrights, from David Mamet to Mary Zimmerman, and is committed to producing both classical and new work. The MSLCE program recently

Kartemquin Film Exec Describes to MSLCE Students How Shifts in Media Landscape Affect Documentary Business

By Scotty Stieber How do you utilize your past experiences while still pushing yourself to learn something new? Betsy Steinberg, who stopped by to speak with MSLCE students in Professor Dan Gruber’s Business Models in Creative Enterprises class, found herself asking this question when transitioning from her vital position as Managing Director with the Illinois Film

Rethinking Audio Production Tools

By John Matthew Simon Bryan Pardo, an associate professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science here at Northwestern, wanted to tackle a fascinating question, ‘Why have designers digitally replicated technological interfaces exactly as they are in the real world and can we make them more intuitive for novice users?’ Why would he ask such a

Lipstick City Creators Speak to Digital Television Students

By Zach Hyman As part of Prof. Christian’s Digital Television speaker series, MSLCE students met two of OpenTV’s Lipstick City creators this past Monday. The short film focuses on drag culture and stars drag queen Shea Couleé, who also serves as the film’s writer and director. Shea – biological name Jaren Merrell – and producer

VSA Talent Acquisition Leader Leads Interviewing Workshop for MSLCE Students

By Scotty Stieber The hunt for summer internships is in full swing, and those March 1st application deadlines are swiftly approaching. The MSLCE cohort recently spent a Saturday in an interviewing workshop led by Amanda Schonfeld, a talent acquisition leader at VSA Partners, a design-based branding agency in Chicago. Students learned the ins and outs of the

Free Yourself from ‘The Window’

By John Matthew Simon A couple weeks ago my peers and I were given the wonderful opportunity to visit VSA Partners, a design firm in downtown Chicago. We were lucky to be given an extensive tour by partner David Ritter who reinforced the notion that VSA Partners believes in “the beauty and art of good

Dreaming About the Future

By Miya Williams Gerry Garbulsky, senior TEDx ambassador for South America, is excited to be a guest host at TED2016: Dream. He is in charge of curating a TED2016 session on February 18 titled “The dreams that define us” featuring a selection of previous TEDx speakers from around the world. The panel will include dreamers

They’re So Talented: Producers of Our Names Are Sam Talk Chicago TV, Representation in Mainstream Media, and Building a Series from Scratch

By Zachary Hyman Sam Bailey and Sam Lee, the two minds behind OpenTV’s webseries You’re So Talented, came this past week to speak with Prof. Christian’s Digital Television class. Bailey and Lee frequently work together as the creative production duo Our Names Are Sam and they had a lot to teach us about the challenges