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Category: Industry Immersion

Gains, Pains, And Failing to Succeed

By John Matthew Simon “Fail faster to succeed sooner,” said David Schonthal, a professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management, on a chilly winter Saturday as he quoted David Kelley, the founder of the award-winning design firm IDEO where Schonthal is also a business designer. For a group of graduate students

Northwestern and WTTW Host Panel for New PBS Drama

By Victoria Morris On Feb. 3, Northwestern’s School of Communication and WTTW Chicago hosted a panel discussion of the new PBS drama series “Mercy Street”. “Mercy Street”, a big move for PBS, is its first fictional program in over a decade. It’s designed to complement the popular dramatic series it imports from Britain like “Call

MSLCE Students Visit National Museum of Mexican Art

By Benjamin Levine The MSLCE program recently paid a visit to one of Chicago’s most unique cultural destinations, the National Museum of Mexican Art. Opened to the public in 1987, the museum was the vision of Pilsen local Carlos Tortolero, a public school teacher at the time, who organized a group of fellow educators to

Broadcast Veteran Speaks to MSLCE Students About Media Industry Disruption

By Benjamin Levine The MSLCE program consistently brings in industry professionals as guest speakers to augment and expand upon the principles taught in class. Professor Daniel Gruber (above) hosted seasoned TV guru Hank Price during his Business Models in the Creative Enterprises class to help the cohort understand how to take a failed business model

Crafting Your Perfect Mission Statement

by Colin DeKuiper A mission statement isn’t usually the first statement that you are told to write as you begin your career, but it should be. Although you are unlikely to use it publicly, it is the one sentence that will inform all the other professional materials you produce. It provides the “why” and “how”

MSLCE Students Head to Lookingglass Theatre for ‘Treasure Island’

By Scotty Stieber The Lookingglass Theatre’s ‘Treasure Island’ production takes our childhood daydreams to the stage in an exciting space that feeds off the senses. MSLCE students ventured downtown to Michigan Avenue last Wednesday to experience Mary Zimmerman’s vision of the classic treasure hunt story. Unlike larger performances, ‘Treasure Island’ keeps its audience close to