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Turning Business Instinct into Business Intellect in the Creative Industry

When it comes to career paths, film has always been a focus for Evyenia Constantine ’15.

While she was studying film, media studies, and journalism from The New School in New York, she was also working at KaplaniKid Productions—an award-winning film production company founded by her mother, who earned her master’s and PhD at Northwestern University.

In terms of creativity and production, Constantine always trusted her instincts. When it came to business skills, however, she wanted to learn more about proven tools and strategies. She started researching master’s programs to accomplish this goal and discovered the MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program. (more…)

Shooting for the Stars and the Creative Side of Life

“Explore your options and listen to your heart and your gut.”

Kathryn Hoffman grew up in a family of lawyers and always thought she would become one herself. “I realized that for my whole life the most natural things that come to me [are] being creative with my hands, working with my ideas. Just like that, I realized that being creative is a strong theme. It becomes natural, basically. And that’s how I ended up pivoting,” she explains.

Before joining the MSLCE program, (more…)

Taking Note of the Music Business with MSLCE

As an undergraduate student at Northwestern, Xavier Vilar-Brasser had the opportunity to explore a plethora of majors. It was the combination of creative writing, philosophy, and music that captured his attention. As he explored is interests more, he realized that music grounded him, and he formed the band The Altars as manager, songwriter, and performer. However, it wasn’t until the pandemic that he really consolidated himself as a creative in the music industry.

“I was looking on the work that I’d been doing over the past six months or so. During that time, I realized that it was something that I really enjoyed doing. It was a type of work that I felt really drawn to, and it really inspired me. (more…)

Finding a New Way to Work in the Creative Industry

After graduating from Hampton University with a degree in broadcast journalism, Jaquise Cofield ’17 was ready to pursue what she envisioned as her dream job: working for a news station.

After spending time in the field, however, she realized that broadcast journalism wasn’t the right fit. To try something new, she applied for an internship with the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, working with Paramount’s acquisitions team. The experience revealed a world she had never considered before: the business side of creative enterprises. (more…)

Globally Rounded and Ready for Impact: Regina Osuna’s Diving into Entertainment

Regina Osuna is a globally rounded creative in the entertainment industry. Before joining the MSLCE program, she spent time at institutions like Oxford University, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, and Universidad Iberoamericana. These experiences, as well as her childhood in Mexico, has helped shape her endeavors in the arts industry.

“When I was growing up, I had an amazing childhood because my parents took me to trips whenever they could, and that opened up my mind to see how all their cultures work,” she explained. Her exposure to these cultures shaped her ambitions to work in the children’s entertainment industry and to help create (more…)

Preparing to Lead Change in Arts, Entertainment, and Media

As a Chicago native, Luis Perez ’17 grew up on the city’s North Side and spent his early years in East Rogers Park. “I was just three miles away from the Northwestern campus and had no idea I lived so close to a world-class institution,” he explains.

After graduating from high school, he attended college off and on for several years, working odd jobs in customer service while also keeping his passion for storytelling alive by working in non-fiction film and audio production. In 2015, Perez earned a BA in Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago.

“Even though most of my experience was in radio and film, I’d always been interested in (more…)

Reconnecting to the Arts Through MSLCE: Tyler Green’s Story

Tyler Green’s journey to MSLCE is unique. After suffering a traumatic brain injury a few years ago, he found himself longing to reclaim his identify as an artist. “At the time that the accident occurred, and after the accident, I eventually was needing my own joy and just my recovery. I was needing to get back into the arts because that was the community that I had been so heavily involved in prior to the accident,” he explains. After sustaining the injury, he felt like he was searching for (more…)

Uplifting the Unheard: Jonathan Mayo and His Core Values in MSLCE

“There’s a lot of voices that aren’t always heard, and I want to get those voices in the media. And you know, a lot of times I was that voice that wasn’t heard,” says Jonathan Mayo. For him, it comes back to education and community within the arts, and he’s on a mission to help build that into the artistic focus of all the organizations he works with.

Community healing is a part of his core value, and his artistic process derives value from his experiences in various communities. “I think it’s vital. I think it’s imperative to be a part of different communities to be able to (more…)

From the Runway to MSLCE: Kaitlyn Fogg Fashions Her Future

“If you ask my mom, I’ve always been into fashion,” says Kaitlyn Fogg, “It’s a really big part of my self-identity.” Her interest in the field started from the tender age of four and by the time she was in middle school, she was already making her own Halloween costumes. “I started this thing where every year I’d make my own Halloween costume out of unconventional materials,” she elaborates, “I’ve always wanted to do something that was different. (more…)

Self-Actualization and the Power to Impact: Ziyu Zhu on Her Goals in TV

A UCLA alumna, Ziyu Zhu is no stranger to the creative arts. During her time as an undergrad, she was actively involved in producing films, plays, and helming multiple positions at the UCLA Student Spring Festival Gala. Through her work she has cultivated a process rooted in value creation. This process would be the guiding principle through her pursuits in the creative industry and would eventually lead her to the MSLCE program.

“For me, it’s about self-actualization,” she explains. (more…)