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Industry Immersion Trip 2019: Los Angeles Inspires and Enlightens MSLCE Students in Film, TV, Music Fields


Before this trip, I had only been to Los Angeles twice in a tourism-driven setting. This time, the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see the many cogs that make up one of entertainment’s driving centers was more than appealing. Third time’s the charm, right?  (more…)

The Los Angeles Immersion Trip Opened My Mind and Expanded my Post-Grad Ambitions

by Thomas Wall

On a trip that took us from Steven Spielberg’s private screening room, inside the headquarters for one of the country’s top talent agencies, and backstage during a live taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live, it’s understandably difficult to pick just one or two of the most impactful moments for me. The entire trip was an exhausting, exhilarating whirlwind that left me educated, inspired, and ultimately missing the Southern California sunshine. But, ironically enough, for a trip that covered so much ground over the course of five March days in Los Angeles, one of the most impactful moments for me personally actually began nearly two months prior, right here in Evanston. (more…)

MSLCE Hits the San Francisco Tech + Arts Scene

By Yayun Wang

The MSLCE Trip brought us together in San Francisco to enjoy five days of corporate visits, an alumni reception, and open networking. We met and networked with industry leaders and gained newfound experiences and knowledge across the creative industries. (more…)

MSLCE NYC Trip: Finding My Story, Philosophy and Community

by Matt Meade
Spring sunlight shined as we walked through Midtown Manhattan to our first site visit at the offices of Kevin McCullum’s theatrical and media producing company. Alchemation is unique and fresh — just like Kevin’s approach to life and leadership. As an orphaned child from Hawaii who transitioned from actor to producer, Kevin stressed how his childhood shaped him and eventually guided his career. He expressed his philosophy: “Lives with passion. Dies with hope. Builds families against all odds.” He explained the power of stories in American history and the importance of personal connection in a world filled with distorted social media networks. He encouraged rising leaders like us to lean into our story because our philosophy makes us unique. Kevin’s inspiration served as a frame for the rest of my week as I couldn’t get his distinct energy out of my mind. (more…)

From Pitch to Pilot: MSLCE Students Gets a Unique Look at How TV is Made

by Thomas Wall

Northwestern students learned how a pitch becomes a pilot from Ron Binkwoski, the VP of Post Production at TNT/tbs and Warner Media. In this workshop, Binkowski walked students through the often-nebulous development process, breaking it down for them in an easily digestible step-by-step manner. From script production to budget creation, students were given the unique opportunity to get an inside look at how some of their favorite shows make it from the creative mind’s eye onto the physical screen. (more…)

Branding, Broadcasting, and Baseball: Notes from My Externship with the Chicago Cubs

by Thomas Wall

I first heard about the Northwestern Externship Program (NEXT) through the MSLCE newsletter this past December and my interest was definitely piqued. The program, which gives students the chance to shadow alumni for a day in various industries and sectors throughout the country was worth a shot, I figured. So when I saw that an alum was working for the Chicago Cubs, I began working on my application within minutes. I was overjoyed when I found out a few weeks later that I’d be connected with Chris Simonson from the class of 2011. (more…)

5 Questions with MSLCE ’15 Alum Qiumeng Fu

What is your current role(s)/project(s)/business and what are your responsibilities?

I am the director of Fu Qiumeng Fine Art in Upper East Side Manhattan. My responsibilities include sourcing consignments for New York and Beijing exhibitions, completing donation and collection appraisals, developing collaborative business opportunities, designing interpretive  and immersive thematic exhibitions, and planning and hosting events to promote the exhibitions. Additionally, I work on developing and maintaining client relationships, both in the US and in China. (more…)

Laura Rice is Marching to Her Own Beat

By Miya Williams Fayne

Music has been omnipresent in Laura Rice’s life. Growing up she took piano and recorder lessons and performed with her church’s children’s choir. “I so appreciate great musicianship and music’s ability to transform space, soothe the soul, move the crowd and fight the power,” she shared. (more…)

Industry Immersion Trip Offers MSLCE Students a Chance to Network with Some of New York’s Key Industry Players

By Joshua Baggett

After a busy winter quarter, the cohort went up, up, and away for our respective immersion trips to New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. All three destinations offered one-of-a-kind professional networking experiences with many of today’s top creative companies and organizations. As someone with a background in theatre and live production, I chose to attend the New York trip due to the city’s status as a global capital for arts, culture, and entertainment. From Broadway to the Bowery, our excursion was an eye-opening look into New York’s vast creative sector and offered a chance to build professional relationships across multiple industries. (more…)

Where Are They Now? 5 Questions with MSLCE Alum Aleksa Narbutaitis

What is your current role(s)/project(s) and what are your responsibilities?

I’m currently the Creative Director at the Chicago-based personal branding and creative services agency, SimplyBe. Agency. I was hire #1, and my CEO and I have built the company from two to eight full time staff over the past two years. My core responsibilities as Creative Director are to oversee all of our company’s as well as all of our clients’ visual brands, and to partner with our strategy team to lead our visual branding projects including full brand style guide and website creation. My job is essentially to make sure that our clients’ value props are always being communicated and supported by the visual components of their brands. (more…)