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Unique DaCosta is Combining Work and Play

By Miya Williams Fayne

Unique DaCosta is interacting with music on a multitude of levels. She has a background in singing and is currently participating in the business side of the industry with like-minded people at Pandora. “The culture at Pandora is pretty awesome because everybody loves music and it’s a given,” she said. “It is such an integral part of what we do and how we operate here.” (more…)

Data Detectives on an Easter Egg Hunt: MSLCE Student and Professor Collaborate Outside the Classroom

by Thomas Wall

Have you ever been watching one of your favorite movies and noticed a kind of hidden message? Something subtle, and requiring knowledge of another film to understand? Perhaps something left just for you or like-minded fans? It can be a simple as an image of R2D2 showing up in Raiders of the Lost Ark or as subtle as the carpet from Toy Story having the same pattern as that from The Shining. These connections between two separate films are called “Easter eggs,” and one MSLCE student is working with one of their former professors to help track them all down. (more…)

“It’s All About The Why”: Personal Brand Session Covers LinkedIn Tips + More


‘Tis the season to be applying… As the current MSLCE cohort inches closer and closer to summer internship season, the EPICS team has been hosting a series of events geared towards preparing students for interviews and beyond. A recent session, led by Associate Director of EPICS Jonah Zeiger, covered personal branding. More specifically, it covered branding on the LinkedIn platform and how to maximize its potential and utilize it for both professional and personal growth.

Leaders Rising, Dispatches from the SphinxConnect Conference

By Claudia Encinas

As MSLCE students, we often have the opportunity to dive deeply into the inner workings of many different arts organizations. We look at them through various lenses and strive to understand how and why they achieve success (or don’t). (more…)

Sharing Theatre On and Off Stage

By Miya Williams Fayne

Elizabeth Carner fell in love with theatre when she was eight years old. She attended a performance of Peter Pan and was inspired to work in theatre one day. She recalled, “Peter Pan was the start of realizing that I wanted to inspire an audience, as a way to give back to the community. (more…)

A Lesson in Entrepreneurship with David Schonthal

By Joshua Baggett

Despite it being an especially cold day in Evanston (the wind chill was a biting -7 below), several members of the current MSLCE cohort recently had the opportunity to broaden our entrepreneurial knowledge at Entrepreneurship 101. The MSLCE exclusive workshop was led by David Schonthal, who is a professor of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Kellogg School of Management as well as Senior Portfolio Director at the consultancy firm IDEO. Schonthal shared his wisdom on topics including business model generation, customer acquisition, and how to approach problems that arise when businesses are in the start-up phase. Special focus was given to creating and adapting the Osterwalder Business Model Canvas, which is a common strategy used across lines of business. (more…)

Non-Profit Arts Engagement’s Collaborative Role in Influencing Cultural Change

By Aimee Ortega

Theater number three in the historic Harper Theater, located off of Harper Avenue in Hyde Park, was filled to capacity a few weeks ago as an audience of community members, students, scholars, artists came together to see a free screening of the Emmy nominated documentary and Sundance Film Festival winner, American Promise. (more…)

Gigi Pritzker Shares Stories, Insights and Industry Advice with MSLCE Students

by Thomas Wall

As graduate students, we are constantly seeking advice on how to advance our careers. But when that advice comes from an Emmy-winning film producer and CEO/Founder of her own media company, it carries a special weight. Thanks to the MSLCE program, we were granted the opportunity to meet, hear from, and most importantly learn from acclaimed filmmaker, businesswoman, and all-around trailblazer, Gigi Pritzker, on January 17th. (more…)

EPICS Team Kickstarts Winter Quarter With Career Management Session “New Year Reboot”


The winter quarter is already off to the races for the current MSLCE cohort. We recently participated in an advanced Career Management Session titled “New Year Reboot: Your Career Strategy + Opportunity Search,” led by Mandi Glowen of the EPICS team. In the session, we focused on strategies and ways to enhance our process of researching, applying for and securing summer internships and post-grad positions. (more…)

Interpreting Data in Creative Roles: Culture and Arts Analytics


I’ll admit – initially, I was pretty nervous to take a masters-level course with “analytics” in the title. I’ve never been a numbers-minded person – I’d much rather take the reins with my words when explaining things. But after taking Agnes Horvat’s Culture & Arts Analytics class as part of the MSLCE program, I realized that there’s a way to combine both words and numbers when it comes to analyzing and discussing trends and patterns in the industry. (more…)