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Tag: Opera

Daniella Smith Aspires To Bring Young Audiences to Opera

By Jacob Nelson Daniella Smith fell in love with opera when she realized she excelled at singing it. The new MSLCE student and Seattle native originally began her artistic career in musical theatre, before realizing that her voice was better suited for classical. “As I watched more opera, I really fell in love with it,”

Kathleen Hudson Aspires to Bring Opera Back to Cultural Spotlight

By Miya Williams Kathleen Hudson originally wanted to be the star of an opera, but over the years her interest turned toward running the show. “I believe deeply in this particular art form,” she said. “I want to be on the ground floor of influencing the landscape of opera in America as it struggles to

MSLCE Student Hopes to Be a Professional Pop Singer

By Jacob Nelson Linling Navarro has set her sights high: she wants to be a pop star. “The end goal is to become a professional singer, performing in huge venues, touring, selling albums,” the MSLCE student said. It’s an ambitious goal, and one she’s been already working towards for years. As a Northwestern undergrad studying