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Category: Student Profiles

Adrian Alea Aspires to Tell Powerful, Musical Stories

By Jacob NelsonAdrian Alea first fell in love with the arts as a kid being driven around in his mother’s car, while the soundtracks to renowned musicals would play in the background. The MSLCE student remembers first hearing Man of La Mancha, Evita, Mamma Mia, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, and The Phantom of the

Krizelle Cuevas Aspires to See the Diversity She Grew Up With Reflected in TV and Film

By Jacob NelsonKrizelle Cuevas’ early encounters with the creative sector mostly  unfolded in front of a crowd. She sang in her elementary school choir, played violin in high school, and took piano and jazz/hip-hop dance lessons.Then, while majoring in biochemistry at UCLA, Cuevas got involved with a Filipino choral group and a Filipino cultural production

At 11, Kristen Holt Got a Camera, and Found a Calling

By Jacob NelsonKristen Holt has always been fascinated with television and movies, but she really fell in love when she received her first video camera at 11-years-old. The MSLCE student and Long Beach, Calif. native began writing plays and short films.“I would force my younger cousins to be the actors and actresses to star in

MSLCE Student Lauren Schatzel Aspires to Run an Arts Nonprofit in Edgewater

By Jacob NelsonLauren Schatzel first grew interested in the arts at a Spice Girls concert. She saw Sporty Spice do a backflip while “singing,” and asked her mom how such a feat was even possible. That’s when she learned the meaning of “lip-sync.”Some people might have been disappointed by the realization that the performer they’d

Choreographer Tate Glover Wants a Career that Fuses Dance and Film

By Jacob NelsonThere are two creative industries that fascinate Tate Glover: dance and film. Once Glover finishes the MSLCE program, they plan to pursue a career that fuses both of these industries together.“Something that interests me is dance film — combining those two mediums to create new works of art,” Glover explained during a recent

Haley Baker Hopes to Turn Her Passion for Television Into A Career

By Jacob NelsonHaley Baker’s passion for television began when she was in high school and she discovered the show “Friday Night Lights.” It was the first show she watched not just from the perspective of the audience, but from the perspective of the show’s creators.“That was the first show I thought strategically about,” the MSLCE

Oluwamuyiwa Oyatogun Wants to Use Theatre to Bring Together Different Cultures

By Jacob NelsonOluwamuyiwa Oyatogun loves theatre. Specifically, he loves the way that a theatrical production can bring a story to life, and the impact that process can have on the audience.“I’ve always loved being on stage doing,” the new MSLCE student said during a recent interview, “I love the ability for someone to take real