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5 Questions with MSLCE ’15 Alum Qiumeng Fu

What is your current role(s)/project(s)/business and what are your responsibilities?

I am the director of Fu Qiumeng Fine Art in Upper East Side Manhattan. My responsibilities include sourcing consignments for New York and Beijing exhibitions, completing donation and collection appraisals, developing collaborative business opportunities, designing interpretive  and immersive thematic exhibitions, and planning and hosting events to promote the exhibitions. Additionally, I work on developing and maintaining client relationships, both in the US and in China.

Tell us about any interesting or unique projects you worked on during your time in the MSLCE program.

I liked the business course [Economics of Creative Enterprises], taught by Cory Sandrock.  I was the team leader for our group project and had the chance to coordinate every aspect of our business plan. I learned a lot of practical tools for sourcing capital for startups and the finance, accounting, and economics knowledge really provides crucial skills for entrepreneurs.   

What was your favorite experience with MSLCE?

I liked having discussions with people from different creative industries. Listening to people’s experiences from different industries opened my mind to new ideas.

What did you learn in the program that you’ve been able to apply to your current endeavors?

From the program, I learned a macro view of the creative industry’s business models. I think it was great that our curriculum covered a wide range of creative areas from the film industry, performing arts industry, the music industry and so on. I was able to learn how to consolidate conceptual ideas in ways I’d never thought of before.

I specialize in fine art, which is a very traditional and niche market; it is basically selling artwork. However, I do believe this industry needs a transition: it’s an era of big data and digital media. We should blend in ideas from other parts of the  creative industry and do more art crossovers. For example, when I started my gallery, I integrated some entertainment industry business ideas into the art business. My business also helps brands to design art crossover campaigns and we integrate fine art ideas into mass products to improve brands’ identity and perception. In this way, I was able to help Xiaomi Cellphone open their American market by designing an art and fashion marketing campaign for the 2018 New York Fashion Week. It was a social media campaign (#powerbymi), and gained a lot of attention in both the US and China. This is a case of a technology company integrating fashion and art. 

What advice do you have for anyone considering the MSLCE program? Why did you choose MSLCE?

Creative-driven people should learn about economics and finance. With these practical skills, we can manage our careers in a clear and efficient way.  I wanted to learn about management skills and leadership with MSLCE because I was sure that I wanted to open my own creative business. If we do business in the creative industry, we have to be creative and open to learning different business models. Knowing the ecosystem and diversity in this industry from a macro point of view has helped me break into my chosen area.