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Category: Student Profiles

Dominique Warren Aspires To Be Both Actress And Entrepreneur

By Jacob NelsonDominique Warren originally hoped to work in theatre, but now is pursuing a career in film. The reason? Close-ups.“Theatre is different each night, but in film they capture that moment up close,” the new MSLCE student said during a recent interview. “Film is more intimate because the audience is the camera. The slightest

Kathleen Hudson Aspires to Bring Opera Back to Cultural Spotlight

By Miya WilliamsKathleen Hudson originally wanted to be the star of an opera, but over the years her interest turned toward running the show. “I believe deeply in this particular art form,” she said. “I want to be on the ground floor of influencing the landscape of opera in America as it struggles to remain

Zoe Skehan Wants to Create Something That Lasts

By Miya WilliamsMSLCE student Zoe Skehan doesn’t want to be limited to one thing. The University of Redlands grad majored in art history and media studies and still maintains an interest in both fields. While her exact job title may still be unknown, she is certain of her end goal. “I hope to be in

Sabrina Wang’s Dream Job Combines Museums and Marketing

By Jacob NelsonSabrina Wang has a very specific goal while enrolled as a student in the MSLCE program: she wants to bring her love of museums and marketing together for her dream job.While studying communications and east Asian studies at the University of Southern California, Wang interned at both the campus’ Fisher Museum of Art

Melanie Lunardi Wants To Lead Music Programs

By Miya WilliamsMelanie Lunardi moved from Oklahoma City to Chicago with the intention of becoming a professional vocal performer, but she soon learned that was not the best career path for her. Now, she plans to attain an executive leadership position in an educational or community program at a major symphony or opera. “I want

Alex McKenna Wants to Interact with Art

By Miya WilliamsAlex McKenna is an artist. But he doesn’t just want to create art; he also wants to help foster the art community. McKenna dreams of owning and operating his own art gallery or art residency program. He said, “I hope to create an atmosphere where I am constantly surrounded by likeminded and creative

Leslie Zhu Wants to Rebrand China’s Art Scene

By Jacob NelsonLeslie Zhu would like to help make art more widely available to the public.A graduate of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunication and New York Institute of Technology, Zhu’s dream job is to be a creative director at either a museum or an advertising agency. She sees both as avenues to bridging her