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Category: Student Profiles

Joshua Baggett Wants to Be a Storyteller

By Miya Williams FayneJoshua Baggett fell in love with theatre in his freshman year of high school. While studying the play The Death of a Salesman in his acting class, he witnessed the power of storytelling firsthand. “I had never experienced that sort of reaction from a book, or film or TV show,” he recalls.

Joe Giovannetti is Experiencing the Best of Both Worlds

By Miya Williams Fayne“The program is what you put into it,” Joe Giovannetti said in reflection on his time as an MSLCE student. If his current position is any representation of that belief, then he is certainly reaping the benefits of his labor.

A Lifelong Relationship with the Arts

By Miya Williams FayneAs a classically trained singer and self-described innovator Daniel Grambow has already been working professionally in the arts for over ten years. He sees engaging audiences as key to saving arts organizations, like orchestras and operas, and aims to do just that for the rest of his life. “I want to build

Kayla DeSouza: A Dream Fulfilled

By Miya Williams FayneKayla DeSouza entered the MSCLE program knowing exactly what she wanted to do and now she is doing just that. DeSouza dreamed of working at an afterschool arts nonprofit and currently she is a fellow at The People’s Music School in Chicago.“I am very passionate about where I work and our mission,”

Jing Zhang is Continuing to Follow Her Love of Music

By Miya Williams FayneJing Zhang’s parents encouraged her to play an instrument as a child as they believed it would positively impact her future. At eight years old she chose the Chinese zither, a traditional string instrument, and has been playing ever since. She loves that playing an instrument makes people “more sensitive” and opens

Claudia Encinas Wants to Modernize Classical Music

By Miya Williams FayneClaudia Encinas grew up in a musical family. Both of her parents are classical musicians and she often attended their concerts and spent time backstage during rehearsals. “Music was and is my entire world since birth,” she said.

Hannah Arata Wants To Share Her Love of the Arts with Others

By Miya Williams FayneHannah Arata’s childhood was “very saturated in the arts.” She pursued her interest in music by attending musical theatre camp and playing saxophone. She also enjoyed dance, writing and painting classes. These experiences helped lead her to her career interest in arts nonprofits.“The arts have always been an integral part of shaping

Kefei Zhao Hopes to Turn the Arts from Hobby to Profession

By Jacob NelsonWhen Kefei Zhao first realized she was drawn to the arts, she thought it might be a hobby rather than a professional pursuit.“I was really interested in creative stuff since I was really young,” the MSLCE student explained. She’s specifically attracted to artwork, shows, and film. “It was more like a hobby at

Once a Performer, Dana Degnan Aspires to Work Behind the Scenes

By Jacob NelsonWhile studying to be a performer as an undergraduate at Stephens College, Dana Degnan realized she enjoyed the business and “back-end” area of the arts more than what she was training to do onstage.“And that is how I ended up at Northwestern in the MSLCE program,” Degnan said.

Lin Yuan Aspires to Build a Career in Advertising

By Jacob NelsonLin Yuan first became interested in advertising as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois while taking a course fittingly called “Introduction to Advertising.”“All of my interest about creative industry started from that class,” Yuan said. “I enjoyed coming up with advertising strategies and creating advertisements.”