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Where Are They Now? 5 Questions with MSLCE Alum Adrian Alea

Adrian Alea, Class of 2018

Adrian graduated from MSLCE in Fall of 2018. While in the program, he had had a Community Impact Fellowship with the Public Theatre in New York, participated in Northwestern School of Communications’ CommFest, and aspired to start his own creative management company. MSLCE recently had a chance to connect with MSLCE Alum Adrian Alea and ask him a couple questions about what he’s up to now, and what he values most about his time in the program.


What is your current role(s)/project(s) and what are your responsibilities?


I recently formed my own LLC (The Alea Company) which focuses on creative direction and production for theater, live events, and music videos in both commercial and non-profit industries. I concentrate on developing, directing, and producing content and stories that elevate the social consciousness of humanity and analyze the human spirit. Currently, I am associate directing Disney’s new musical in development and directing a musical adaptation of the award-winning novel Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia, featuring music & lyrics by IBEYI (Beyoncé’s Lemonade). I am finishing up post-production for my second music video “Nena Nena Nena” for singer-songwriter MICHA and will be directing Fucking A by Suzan-Lori Parks at Yale University come January 2019. Other projects currently in development include a TV mini-series based on the novel Monkey Hunting that centers around the 1800’s sugar-cane slave trade and migration of Chinese immigrants to Cuba, a theater adaption of Chekhov’s Three Sisters set in 1980’s Miami during the Drug Wars, and a new play by Obie Award-winning playwright Caridad Svich entitled STAND.

Tell us about any interesting or unique projects you worked on during your time in the MSLCE program.

In Understanding Creative Enterprises and Organizational Processes, we had a final project where we had to develop a transmedia story based on existing intellectual property and pitch how we would create it by forming an organizational body. I pitched using Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth as our source text. With a truly dedicated and inventive team, we formed an organization that would expand the story through graphic novels, a sequel film, a theme-park installation, and a special ballet based on the original film. Coming into the program, my foundation was mostly in theater and artist management; however, this experience inspired me to continue to pursue developing and producing transmedia stories and experiences. 

What was your favorite experience with MSLCE?

My favorite experience was building relationships with my cohort in the MSLCE program. What I absolutely love about MSLCE is the diversity in industries represented through the students. I would have never learned more about opera, fashion, music or advertisement if I had pursued a master degree specializing in only one industry. I’ve met such incredible artists, thinkers, and recent alumni from MSLCE that I have the pleasure of calling my collaborators today.

What did you learn in the program that you’ve been able to apply to your current endeavors?

No joke, I have applied the lessons of Laverne McKinnon’s Power of Persuasion & Pitching every single day… Not only was Laverne’s class inspiring and requiring personal and spiritual growth, it also gave me the confidence and tools to pitch artistic projects to potential investors, collaborators, or consumers.

What advice do you have for anyone considering the MSLCE program? Why did you choose MSLCE?

If you are considering to apply to the MSLCE program, I encourage you to reach out to recent alumni. We will be able to tell you most accurately the experience of being a student in the MSLCE program.