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Globally Rounded and Ready for Impact: Regina Osuna’s Diving into Entertainment

Regina Osuna is a globally rounded creative in the entertainment industry. Before joining the MSLCE program, she spent time at institutions like Oxford University, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, and Universidad Iberoamericana. These experiences, as well as her childhood in Mexico, has helped shape her endeavors in the arts industry.

“When I was growing up, I had an amazing childhood because my parents took me to trips whenever they could, and that opened up my mind to see how all their cultures work,” she explained. Her exposure to these cultures shaped her ambitions to work in the children’s entertainment industry and to help create progressive narratives that expand their learning scope. Osuna believed that the shows she grew up with were limiting and pushed harmful stereotypes onto children, especially girls.

“I got a chance to work for Nickelodeon. Working there made me realize the impact those networks have in society, especially children, because I think when you’re a grownup you have more defined values and ideas. But when you’re a child, you’re very moldable. So, you take into your life everything you see. I think we can create valuable content and make content available for all kids, especially girls so they feel empowered, especially in this world. There are a lot of countries where girls are limited. I want to change that.” she adds.

To gain business acumen and professional skills, Regina at first wanted to pursue an MBA. However, the MBA programs didn’t provide her with the sufficient resources to work on the business end of the creative industry. She refined her search to entertainment-based programs, finally finding the curriculum and opportunities that suited her goals within MSLCE. She has a deep appreciation for the program’s ability to combine theory with practical work such as the internship program and is looking forward to that the most.

Regina believes that everyone, regardless of upbringing, can have a positive impact and achieve their own expectation of greatness. “Sometimes we feel like we can’t achieve things because of what society makes you feel. Especially if you’re from a third world country like Mexico. But at the end, I think that you can achieve whatever you want to as long as you work hard for it and don’t let other people’s opinions influence your decisions.”

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By Priyanshi Katare