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MSLCE Explores the Edge of Fringe with Shona McCarthy

By Charlie Wein By its nature, the world of art is abstract. There’s no right or wrong form of artistic style and everyone has the right to express their work in whichever way they like. For a performing artist, the hardest part is finding a means of getting their work out for the public to

Greg Cameron Discusses Turning Around the Joffrey Ballet During MSLCE Speaker Series

By Jacob Nelson What makes an arts organization successful? According to Joffrey Ballet Executive Director Greg Cameron, an organization’s success depends on three points: leaning towards the mission, developing an aligned team, and creating collaborations with external partners. “The minute the mission of the organization becomes compromised in anyway is when trouble creeps in,” Cameron

TransCultural Exchange Director Has Built a Career In and Out of the Studio

By Jacob Nelson Mary Sherman does not like the word “no.” The artist, teacher, writer, and director of the TransCultural Exchange has made a career out of pursuing opportunities out of curiosity, only to learn new skills in the process. “People say, ‘No, you can’t do that,’ and it makes me want to do it

Facebook Brand Strategy Lead Describes a Career Built Off a Desire to Connect

By Jacob Nelson Chris Meador’s professional path that brought him from theater stages to the History Channel to Microsoft and, finally, to Facebook throughout a career he refers to as “strange and convoluted.” However, Meador was quick to identify the running thread through all those jobs: the desire to connect. Meador, who is the Brand

Havas Chicago Executive Producer to Speak at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson Brigette Whisnant got into marketing to help people connect with brands. After two decades, the approach may look a little different, but the goal is exactly the same. “For me it was just about, ‘How do you make people engage with brands?’” Whisnant said about what first appealed to her about marketing.

Adam Sachs Talks the Evolution of Podcasts at Northwestern

By Jacob Nelson The podcast market has changed rapidly over the last few years, and Adam Sachs has been on the ground floor of that evolution. “A few years ago, when we wanted to make a new podcast we’d find one or two people to chit chat and banter and hopefully it’d be entertaining,” he