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At Collaboraction Theatre, MSLCE Student John Hounihan Sees the Intersection of Arts and Administration Firsthand

By John Hounihan Collaboraction Theatre is a mid-size theatre in Wicker Park with a unique take on art and politics: Collaboraction inspires social change through original devised theatre and community engagement that cultivates knowledge, dialogue, and action around Chicago’s most critical social issues. Collaboraction Theatre, along with the for hire and studio space arms of

MSLCE Students Tackle Teamwork During Collaboration Workshop

By John Hounihan When we think of collaborations in the arts, we often think of artistic meetups – two musicians creating a record together or great stage actors tackling a big name play. In reality, though, collaboration in the arts come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. On the administrative leadership side, collaboration

Jim Bland, Constance Bowen Discuss ‘the Language of Business’ in MSLCE Finance Class

By John Hounihan Accounting and finance have long been defined as “the language of business.” No matter the sector, accounting, finance, and investing are sure to come up in the operation of organizations. During the winter quarter in the MSLCE core class Introduction to Creative Enterprise, guest speaker Jim Bland elaborated on this adage, stating that

MSLCE Students Get Behinds the Scenes Look at ‘Hamilton’

By John Hounihan When it comes to the theatre industry – it doesn’t get much bigger than the smash hit musical Hamilton. Currently playing on three stages worldwide, with another in the works, it has revolutionized the current state of commercial theatre. So, naturally, getting a chance to see the inner workings of the Chicago

Gloria Brings Eye-Opening Satire to Goodman Theatre College Night

By John Hounihan Our program is all about the cross between arts and industry – how we as leaders can relate to both artists and professionals. Last week, however, a group of MSCLE traveled to the Goodman Theatre to see a show that exposed the underbelly of the professional world.

Incoming MSLCE Student Combines Business and Theatre Knowledge

By Jacob Nelson Like many aspiring theatre professionals, John Hounihan got started in college. However, unlike others, he started by completely revamping his university’s theatre company. While studying management at the University of Houston, Hounihan oversaw the Honors College Club Theater and directed a number of plays for the organization. In doing so, he helped