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MSLCE Students Get Behinds the Scenes Look at ‘Hamilton’

By John Hounihan

When it comes to the theatre industry – it doesn’t get much bigger than the smash hit musical Hamilton.

Currently playing on three stages worldwide, with another in the works, it has revolutionized the current state of commercial theatre. So, naturally, getting a chance to see the inner workings of the Chicago production would be an incredible experience for any aspiring performing arts professional.

On Wednesday, a third of the MSLCE cohort got to do just that. As the Wednesday student matinee went dark, we got the backstage experience with Associate Stage Manager Sara Gammage and Associate Company Manager Kaitlin Fine. They recounted their experiences dealing with the clout of the biggest show in the world, spoke about their career trajectories, and gave tips on how to maneuver the incredibly small world of professional theatre.

Both alumni of Northwestern, there was a level of approachability and a down-to-earth nature that was familiar to all of us with a performing arts interest. It was so nice to see and chat with a couple of strong, successful theatre nerds that have found their niche in a competitive, dog-eat-dog industry. Professionally, their most consistent words of advice were singular – be someone you would like to work with.

“If I am going to work 10 hour days 6 days a week, I better be working with someone I don’t mind hanging out with,” joked Sarah. In a sector that is full of those who share your passion, it’s refreshing to see that at every level, the community of creating a meaningful show resonates with all. 

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