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CBS TV Studio VP of Drama Development Describes Getting His First Break in Evanston

By Jacob Nelson Rob Luchow’s first break didn’t happen in Hollywood. It happened in Evanston. As the Vice President of Drama Development for CBS TV Studio explained during the first MSLCE Speaker Series event of the academic year, Luchow was a Northwestern undergraduate working as a waiter at a pizza place near campus when he

CBS TV Studio VP to Speak at First 2017-2018 MSLCE Speaker Series Event

By Jacob Nelson Before Rob Luchow worked in television, he watched it. Lots of it. “This was the common routine in my house growing up: At 6 o’clock, my family would put on local news and start cooking dinner. At 6:30, Tom Brokaw. 7 was Jeopardy, and 7:30 was Wheel of Fortune,” Luchow said during

CBS Marketing VP Learned to Trust Her Instincts

By Jacob Nelson Jane Gottlieb, a VP and Executive Producer with the CBS Marketing Group, has a unique job: she works in television, but what she creates usually doesn’t air. That’s because Gottlieb doesn’t produce shows, but business events. She works on special projects like the Upfront, a huge, annual sales event that brings 3,000

Television Head Teaches Students to Present with Intention

By Jacob Nelson Laverne McKinnon is perhaps one of the only television producers out there who doesn’t believe in pitching. “I believe in finding the right match.” A graduate from Northwestern’s RTVF program with an MBA from Pepperdine University, McKinnon works as a senior programming executive, independent producer, and media consultant. Her day-to-day tasks include