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Students Learn How to Organize Creative Ideas into Successful Enterprises in Jennifer Kim-Matsuzawa’s and Allison Henry’s Business Models Class

By Joshua Baggett Harnessing creative energy into a thriving business requires an understanding of the underlying framework that supports and sustains various business ventures. During the Winter 2019 quarter, Jennifer Kim-Matsuzawa’s and Allison Henry’s “Business Models” class offered MSLCE students an in-depth overview of the key elements businesses need to meet growth, hit profitability targets,

MSLCE Students Learn How to Turn a Good Business Into a Great One

By: Charlie Wein So, you have an innovative idea,  strong networking, financial stability, and  brand recognition; you’ve got a good business, which is…good, but how do make it great? Students in the Leadership for the Creative Enterprises program spent winter term with professor Cory Sandrock figuring out how to take a good business and make

MSLCE Students Learn the Scope of Business Models for Creative Industries

By Lauren Vernea This winter quarter in the MSLCE elective class “Business Models for Creative Enterprises,” students immersed themselves into how the world’s most creative companies operate. Prof. Daniel Gruber’s authentic enthusiasm for the class and the MSLCE program was evident from the beginning. The class structure was a diverse mix of lectures, case study

Digging into Business Models

By John Matthew Simon An idea is only as great as its implementation. In order to execute an idea, the entrepreneur(s) must have a stratagem that accounts for the infrastructure of the organization, value offered by the service and/or good solicited, who the target customer(s) is, what communication channels will be utilized, finances, and the