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MSLCE Students Learn the Scope of Business Models for Creative Industries

By Lauren Vernea

This winter quarter in the MSLCE elective class “Business Models for Creative Enterprises,” students immersed themselves into how the world’s most creative companies operate.

Prof. Daniel Gruber’s authentic enthusiasm for the class and the MSLCE program was evident from the beginning. The class structure was a diverse mix of lectures, case study presentations, insightful guest lectures from Chicago industry professionals, a consistent online discussion board called Yellowdig, and in-class activities.

From Disney to Beyonce to Hamilton, we were presented with in-depth case studies and student led presentations that provided a useful picture of each company’s foundational models. We were able to discover common threads between companies and gain a deeper understanding of how they found and maintain success. The class readings from Creativity Inc. and The Content Trap provided a scholarly and insightful foundation for class discussions and lectures.

Our final project for the class was useful not only for in-depth understanding of course materials, but for professional development. We were tasked with giving a full analysis of a creative organization of our choosing with the suggestion to use a company we ideally would like to work for. The analysis was not only presenting information from research, but also giving the company recommendations for improving their model based on course materials.

This project led me to analyze an LA media company I’ve long admired, MACRO Ventures. Through my research of the company’s target market, financial structure, competitors, and branding, I was able to offer recommendations for the company’s success in digital media and broadcast television.

Overall, the class provided a more thorough approach to understanding the uniqueness of business models for creative enterprises. I will be sure to take this knowledge with me as I navigate the TV/Film industry and continue to create my own productions. 

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