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A Move from Filmmaking to Learning the Film Business

Brianna Matthews ’16 always knew she wanted to be involved in filmmaking. Her father was an actor, and she had her sights set on a hands-on, conservatory-style undergraduate program that teaches students how movies are made.   As a film production major at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, she learned the ins and outs

MSLCE Student Inspired After Attending Her Short Films’ Festival Premiere

By Brianna Matthews “Harry we’re rush!” I yelled to my director as we ran from the ticket counter at Thalian Hall, one of the oldest movie theaters ever built. “What?” he responded. “We’re on rush! We sold out! People have to put themselves on a waiting list to get into our screening.” We were attending

An Aspiring Film Producer Heads to MSLCE to Learn Entrepreneurial Skills

By Amy A. Ross As a kid, Brianna Matthews liked movies. A lot. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Matthews would spend hours and hours of her childhood watching movies while her mom worked. “Instead of hiring a babysitter, my mom would drop us off at the movies for a double feature and pick us