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MSLCE Applies New Business Savvy to Marketing Internship

By Dan Li

Looking for an internship that fit what I was interested in was hard, so I am glad to be part of Savvo Digital Sommelier Solution’s marketing team.

Savvo is a digital marketing company focused on promoting wine brands with a digital and physical presence in the retail environment. They have created digital kiosks in certain grocery stores that combine wine racks with an interactive touchscreen display to engage shoppers at the point of decision making.

My role in this internship is to help the company research and investigate expansion to locations around the Chicagoland area. Other than looking for all the retailers and grocery stores around USA, I have also been tasked with looking for the most efficient and profitable locations. Using data from the spreadsheets that I created, I am searching for the locations that fit Savvo’s requirements and budget.

Another part of my job is to look for all wine, beer, and spirit app competitors in the market, as Savvo is also looking to improve its own app, called BeerMapper. After collecting the apps’ and competitors’ information, I have begun analyzing all the potential features that I can suggest incorporating into the BeerMapper app. A market research and expansion internship like this offers the opportunity to apply to the real world the many skills I’ve learned as an MSLCE student.

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