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MSLCE Students Build Marketing Plans with Professor Rick Kolsky

By Charlie WeinOn the first day of class, Professor Rick Kolsky asked the MSLCE students: “What is marketing?”. Various answers were given: “showcasing a product” “building a social media strategy” “designing advertisements”. After several answers, Professor Kolsky replied with a resounding “No!”. From there on, students spent the next 10 weeks with Professor Kolsky as

Northwestern Professor Rick Kolsky Offers Students Invaluable Insight in Brand Management

By John HounihanConversation. Insight. Problem Solving. Any MSLCE student will tell you that these are some of Professor Rick Kolsky’s tools for marketing strategy. A bonafide player in the marketing consultation world, his stories of Smucker’s and Discovery Kids bring with them not only the theory of effective brand management and marketing, but the experience

Havas Chicago Executive Producer Talks Marketing at Northwestern

By Jacob NelsonDuring his introduction of Brigette Whisnant at last week’s speaker series event, Kellogg professor Rick Kolsky said, “I think my job is fun, but she gets to do some really cool stuff.”As an executive producer at Havas Chicago, Whisnant oversees the content production work for a couple of well-known clients like AT&T and