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Tag: Culture and Globalization

MSLCE Course Puts Globalization in Sociological Perspective

By Leslie Zhu Growing up, “globalization” meant a geography class with an international focus. But as an international student studying in the U.S., globalization has morphed into the process by which I submerge myself into this diverse country. So what is globalization, really? Through the MSLCE Culture and Globalization course, I found the answer comprises

Globalization Course Gets Students Thinking About Emerging Cultural Hubs

By Scotty Stieber When discussing globalization, often the idea of cultures crossing borders and oceans comes to mind. Claudio Benzecry’s “Culture and Globalization” course took that basic framework and extended it far beyond traditional modes of thinking to discuss how to globalize the creative class. How are cities, both large and small, changing as a