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Leslie Zhu Wants to Rebrand China’s Art Scene

By Jacob Nelson

Leslie Zhu would like to help make art more widely available to the public.

A graduate of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunication and New York Institute of Technology, Zhu’s dream job is to be a creative director at either a museum or an advertising agency. She sees both as avenues to bridging her interests in marketing, branding, and the arts.

[The MSLCE] program is the one that can help me to gain the ability to put these skills together to make a dream come true,” Zhu said.

Originally from Jiangsu, China, Zhu is interested in rebranding Chinese traditional artistic cultures in order to open it to a broader public. For instance, she would like to be a part of efforts to create 3D replicas of historic works of art so that more audiences can see them without damaging the originals.

“I’m interested in being a part of projects like this to have more culture and art be known to the public,” she said.

Zhu is also interested in utilizing new communication technologies, like social media platforms, to encourage audiences to seek out art. She would especially like to do so in a way that would connect culturally different audiences, like Americans and Chinese citizens.

“I would like to promote exhibits to the public using … social media campaigns and all the means I can use to promote the exhibition,” she said. “I would like to be a bridge between Chinese traditional culture and the western world.”

During her first quarter as an MSLCE student, Zhu enjoyed the case studies and site visits that have allowed her to learn about how different organizations confront obstacles.

“It is really helpful that I can know what is happening in the real creative worlds,” she said, “The site visits opened my mind about what is happening in the field in the museum industry.”

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