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MSLCE Student Leslie Zhu Begins Summer Internship at MCA

By Leslie ZhuThe first thing I did after I moved to the Chicago area was to find a contemporary art museum in the city. I still cannot come up with a concrete answer to why I am so enchanted by them. I grew up in a family with no one related to art, and I

MSLCE Course Puts Globalization in Sociological Perspective

By Leslie ZhuGrowing up, “globalization” meant a geography class with an international focus. But as an international student studying in the U.S., globalization has morphed into the process by which I submerge myself into this diverse country. So what is globalization, really? Through the MSLCE Culture and Globalization course, I found the answer comprises more

MSLCE Students Work with Transcultural Exchange in Nonprofit Organization Course

By Leslie Zhu“I really like that we can work on a project that is associated with a real nonprofit organization”, said Joe Giovenetti during the last meeting of our Cultural Nonprofit Organizations course. Most students feel the same way.This course was distinct from our other classes. Our assignment came from an actual client, the Transcultural

Block Museum Hosts Conference About Socially Engaged Art

By Leslie ZhuThe Mary and Leigh Block Museum in the Arts Circle at Northwestern is always my secret place to rest and learn in between my busy study schedule. I immerse myself a lot in their different exhibitions and screenings each quarter. I always see visitors other than students and faculty coming to the museum.As

MSLCE Students Learn About Film, TV Industries on Trek to Los Angeles

By Leslie ZhuDuring spring break, half of the MSLCE cohort went on a journey to Los Angeles, the center of the nation’s film and television industry.The expansiveness of both the city and its industry are so real and mind-blowing. If New York is a machine for finance, commerce and art, Los Angeles, is a high-speed

Leslie Zhu Wants to Rebrand China’s Art Scene

By Jacob NelsonLeslie Zhu would like to help make art more widely available to the public.A graduate of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunication and New York Institute of Technology, Zhu’s dream job is to be a creative director at either a museum or an advertising agency. She sees both as avenues to bridging her