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MSLCE Out in the World – Letter from the MSLCE Faculty Director

By Pablo Boczkowski

A core element of the educational philosophy that provides the framework for the MSLCE program is the integration of theory and practice. During the fall, winter, and spring quarters, this manifests in the steady stream of industry speakers, the regular site visits to creative sector organizations, the emphasis on practical applications of concepts learned in the classroom, and the weeklong trek to Los Angeles and New York during spring break.

But the summer quarter is when students have the chance to put what they have learned during the academic year into practice full time and in a real-life setting. With the assistance of Assistant Director Colin DeKuiper and the entire EPICS team, our students worked hard to find and secure internships suitable to their expertise and career goals. The breadth and depth — both by geography and by industry within the creative sector — of the resulting internship sites are a testament to their hard work, inherent talent, as well as the intellectual and academic growth they’ve achieved since starting the program. From Viacom in Los Angeles to the Anchorage Museum in Alaska, and from Burning Man in the Nevada desert to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and from Zync Music in New York to the FX Group in Shanghai, the MSLCE program is leaving a footprint anywhere and everywhere. Kudos to our students!

I personally can’t wait to hear more about their experiences this summer. If you’re in the same boat, check out the Creative Buzz blog on our website now and this column in the fall newsletter!

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