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MSLCE Student Begins Internship at Dance Company

By Hayley Bullock

A small but forceful dance company, BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance, seems to be a great fit for an internship for me this summer.

I came into the MSLCE program with the desire to better understand dance companies in hopes that I couldĀ find ways to improve their business models. This opportunity will provide me with relevant knowledge and experience in starting and growing a dance company. By working across functions on a team with passionate and driven individuals, I hope to increase my knowledge of marketing, managing, and fundraising for a dance company.

I will be working closely with the company’s founder and artistic director, Teresa Fellion, to understand the ins and outs of building a dance company. We will be working together to find ways to better define and promote the company’s brand and work on some long-term strategic planning for the company. I will also be assisting in the management of the BodyStories social media accounts and attempting to find ways to increase engagement and interaction.

I’m hoping to integrate my studies in this program to apply various tactics we’ve learned in our classes such as marketing, organizational development and change, and understanding media markets. I also hope to discuss and uncover various trends happening in the dance world with the engaged and knowledgeable staff. As I’ve spent the last six years becoming familiar with the dance industry in Chicago, I hope to use this time to develop a better understanding of the industry in NYC.

The opportunities that NYC has to offer in the dance and arts industries are exciting prospects as well! Throughout the course of the summer, I hope to go to some arts networking events and take classes at world renowned companies such as Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre and Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance. Overall, this is shaping up to be a wonderful and enriching experience and I am thrilled to have this opportunity!

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