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MSLCE Students Take ‘Informative, Encouraging, and Inspiring’ Trip to NYC

By Hayley Bullock

The MSCLE Trek to the “Big Apple” was informative, encouraging, and inspiring.

Coming from a nonprofit and performance background, I was surprised and appreciative of the vast insight and knowledge I was able to gain from the experience. As we visited branding agencies, including Mother and Ogilvy & Mather, and heard from various alumni speakers including Alex White of Pandora, and Chris Meadows of Facebook, these experiences provided my classmates and me with valuable insight on career development and working in the creative industry. With each site visit and speaker, we gained relevant knowledge that is relatable to anyone working to build a career, regardless of what sector we are hoping to be a part of.

An overarching theme of the trip seemed to be the idea of “finding your story.” Through varied quotes and idioms, many speakers encouraged us to look for self-awareness and passion in building and transitioning through our careers.   As Chris Meador stated, you must “find your story, find your hook.” He described how he has used his skills and passions to promote his identity and strengths in his career. Coincidentally, later that same day, Adam Tucker, NU Alumnus and President of Ogilvy & Mather, encouraged us to “have a passion.” He challenged us to consider the question, “What gets you out of bed every morning?” He assured us that if we are passionate about something and can effectively translate that passion to others, opportunities will come.

Moreover, the most inspiring aspect of interacting with these various companies and speakers was the opportunity to hear about everyone’s backgrounds and paths that got them to where they are now. At companies such as Jack Morton and the Orchard, where we had the opportunity to engage with a panel of speakers, each person described a unique path in which his/her career has taken shape and developed. I believe this was relevant knowledge for anyone, in any stage of his/her career. As the job market is becoming more competitive, entering and transitioning through the workforce can seem daunting in any industry. However, many of our speakers reminded us that it is okay to try new things and be open to change and disruption. As Debbie Bisno, entrepreneur and founder of Bisno productions, quoted, “Ignore the shoulds.”

Our time in New York, encouraged me to follow my passions, tell my story, take risks, and chase opportunity. No matter what background you come from, or where your interests lie, these ideologies we discussed will help anyone to build a successful and satisfying career.

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