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Daniel Bittker

Daniel Bittker

BA in Comparative Culture and Politics, Michigan State University

Experience: Membership and Event Director for International Non-Profit for 5+ years

Areas of Interest: TV/film, Video/digital media, Arts/music festivals, Entrepreneurship, PR/Marketing

Ideal Job in 10 Years: Owner of an event management company

What led you to enroll in the MSLCE program at Northwestern? The uniqueness of the MSLCE program focusing on a wide-range of creative industries with a specific direction for me in the areas of events, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Favorite (song/movie/show/festival/exhibition … )? Taste of Chicago Festival

What are you most looking forwards to about the MSLCE program? Creating a network and learning from top entrepreneurs and thinkers how and why they got into the creative arena

What is your favorite Chicago landmark/attraction, or what are you most excited to visit? Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park

If you could have lunch with one person (living or dead), who would it be? Nelson Mandela – I spent a semester in South Africa and experienced the history and culture while working for a human rights organization focused on many of the same causes that were important to him

How do you plan on spending/did you spend your summer before starting MSLCE? Traveled with family & friends!

Where is your dream internship for next summer? Creating events for a major corporation (Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.)

If you could donate one million dollars, which cause/organization would you choose to support? An organization dedicated to education and the future for students and teenagers

Where are you from? Chicago, IL

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