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Robert Langewisch

Bob Langewisch completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Northwestern University and spent over 11 years with Andersen Worldwide and Accenture where he focused on customer relationships and information management. During his experience in the corporate world, Bob embarked on his own career change journey, resulting in the completion of his master’s degree in counseling psychology at Northwestern University with an emphasis on career psychology. Bob is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois and serves as and executive coach for the Center for Creative Leadership and Kellogg, where he teaches courses and facilitates learning experiences focused on maximizing individual and team leadership potential.  His clients include individuals at all levels and career stages with an emphasis on developing emerging leaders in a variety of industries and types of organizations including for-profit corporations, not-for-profit organizations, family businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Bob’s business experience, successful execution of his own career transition, and training as a counselor combine in a unique way enabling him to understand more fully how professional and personal influences affect professional development, success and satisfaction.  In his work as a executive coach, Bob helps his clients gain awareness of the strengths they possess, the values that drive and motivate them, and the goals they hope to achieve for themselves and for the communities they impact.  Bob also provides his clients with the tools, guidance, and support that enable them to identify and implement actions that move them and their organizations in the direction of their identified goals.

MSLCE Course: Personal Leadership Insights